• September 1, 2010

The US Launch of Swift Got Delayed by Suzuki

2011 Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Motors has decided to delay the re-launch of the Swift small car in US and the main reason behind this decision is the growing relation of Suzuki and Volkswagen in Japan. Experts are saying that the company is now focusing on growing the strength of yen against the Dollars.

Photo By epox815

The launch of Swift will now be made in 2011; the redesigned models have been brought for Japan and some for Europe as well but for the Us, the customers have to wait more. According to Steve Younan, head of product development and business development at American Suzuki “Plans were put on hold after Volkswagen bought about 20 percent of Suzuki this year.”

The company officials were of the belief that this delay is actually the part of broader review of how Suzuki and VW plan to align the product strategies for the future. A Spokesman from Suzuki’s side said that this delay is more dependent on the exchange rates than on VW.

Takuma Mizuyoshi, a company’s spokesman said that “At the moment, if the exchange rate continues like it is, we couldn’t expect very much profit,” and further “So that’s a concern right now.”

The Sale of Suzuki’s vehicles has been very great in the year 2006 and 2007 but then it fell down to a very drastic level, a change is still expected if Suzuki comes to the market with some renewed strategies and planning.

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