• November 18, 2009

The Wackiest Cars in Tokyo Road Show

Wackiest Cars

Some of the wackiest cars in Tokyo road show are about the strangest kinds with quirky automobile designs as well as interesting designer types to enthrall you. There are all kinds of digital sketches and studio work that have been put into bringing the real deals about the cars of the future. There have been several new designs and interesting works coming over to bring the great show to take shape. This is all about bringing some weird and wacky cars that are going to make some big splashes and bang.

 sPhoto by exo_duz

The collection is sure to bring some raised expressions with the showing off of the latest as well as most bizarre ways of bringing technology to work in the latest fashion as well as keeping the future open with all sorts of help in terms of new kinds of fuel resources. There have been some extreme alternative fuel resources working through stringent emission regulations. These cars come with great as well as responsive fuel economy that brings the balance of production with the rest of the environment. These plug-in hybrid cars that run on electric vehicles can dominate the status of cars of the future for most parts. These vehicles come with some funky choices for sure and have been on display for greater and more popular embrace for the future.

Honda and Subaru have brought out two of the most interesting and latest wares that have been bizarre as well as wacky. There are always alternative fuel sources a well as stringent emission rates which have been made popular through this. The electric vehicles that have not so far dominated through the production of several other types of cars as much as of now are now all ready to be brought in to somewhere near the mainstream usage. Some of the cars that came to the show are as follows:

Subaru Hybrid Tourer: The cooler scissors of this tourer is totally grand with gull-wing doors that came to be in the aftermarket with abundant supply of its unique parts to be needed for happy parts. These have been minivans with doors, hinges as well as upward promotion of latest creation of the Subaru ride. The new engagement to this model has been as unique and popular with the freshly introduced “Pimp My Ride” concept.

 sPhoto by tosf

The company has been coming with the view of interiors in a great way with the expectation to see more of Hybrid Tourer’s design coming through the new Subaru for the future with a 2.0 liter flat 4-cylinder. It also ran on twin electric motors along with drivetrain that can find their way to bring something possible with the latest, growing partnership with Toyota.

Daihatsu Basket: Tokyo whacky car show also produced this incredible looking car which stole the show among the host of several other great looking cars with incredible features. The Daihatsu Basket brings you a pint size ride with open air design. It is a kei-car with powerful engines that can bring more than half a liter of glaze over that mentioned the full fledged metric system. There have been many expectations regarding this but then it is not going to be up and around in the international market anytime soon. So far it is right there in the Japanese domestic market.

 sPhoto by ethnu

Daihatsu e S: This is one of the most interesting cars supposed to carry just 4 passengers only. This is lightweight and delivers perfect fuel economy along with lesser forthcoming drivetrain details. It works on a microscopic 660 cc engine along with the power to be put onto pavement.

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  • subaru is fine.
    daihatsu is ugly.

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