• December 18, 2017

Things to do on a Road Trip around Wales

Things to do on a Road Trip around Wales

Wales is becoming an increasingly popular day trip or weekend destination for families and couples alike. It’s hardly surprising; the country is filled with some of the most breath-taking landscapes and architecture in Britain. If you’re planning a road trip through the country, here are some of the places you should visit.

Adventure parks

Road trips in Wales are often used to take in the scenery or spend the day at the beach, but the country’s adventure parks are not to be missed. Greenwood Park has won ‘Best Family Attraction in North Wales’ on numerous occasions. It features the only rollercoaster harnessing natural energy, the longest sledge run in Wales and plenty of indoor play areas in the Enchanted Wood Barn: perfect for children.


Wales is gifted with a huge proportion of beautiful coastline and beaches, some of the best places to try your hand at water sports, such as Coasteering. This activity was developed in the 80’s by surfers who were scrambling along the coastline to get to beaches. It’s come a long way since then and is now popular with families and adrenaline junkies alike. Group rates are available, so take an army of friends along for a full day of exploring. The beaches and bays are also ideal for regular surfing and kayaking.


Wales is home to over 600 castles, each one with an amazing story behind it. Caerphilly is the largest castle in Wales and the second largest in Britain. The castle is surrounded by water defenses designed by the English in the 13th century. Surrounding the castle are four siege engines, used to launch projectiles into the castle, whilst the building’s interior is hallowed and majestic. Conwy castle is another must see the medieval marvel. Perched on a rock against the backdrop of Snowdonia, it has a magical feel. The views from the battlements are famous within the walled town.


Wales is home to some very special animals, from birds of prey to marine life. You can see an array of creatures in their natural habitat. From April, Ospreys nest on the Cors Dyfi reserve in Machynlleth. The reserve is also home to a herd of water buffalo who help to manage the wetlands. The sight of salmon leaping in the river is common for Welsh nationals, however, for newcomers, a trip to Gilfach Farm reserve is the best place to see them in action. If you’re lucky you’ll also see the otters assemble trying to snag a snack emerging from the fast-flowing water.

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