• June 14, 2013

Three BMW Vehicles Top Sport Auto Magazine Award

BMWThe demand for better sporty cars is far from over as more and more car buyers demand cars that offer them better style factor and sporty performance. BMW Group has made an announcement that the readers of Sport Auto, a specialist German magazine has voted three current BMW models as among the sportiest cars of 2013. The German automaker said that they are really glad that they have managed to win the hearts of many auto fans in Germany and around the world as well with performance oriented vehicles.

The BMW Group said that in the diesel category it was BMW M550d xDrive that took the first spot and this is the second year that the car has managed to impress many car buyers and car enthusiasts to vote it among the best sporty cars of 2013. The vehicle offers world’s most powerful six cylinder 3.0 diesel engine that has the capability to pump out 280 horsepower and 470 Nm of torque. It also has special chassis technology and aerodynamic body shape and balance. The features are available in the sedan and touring versions and they offer better fuel economy as well.

Another car that managed to win the votes by readers of Sport Auto is BMW 335i sedan that won the first place for Sedans Under 50,000 Euros. This is the first time that BMW 335i sedan won this award. While the third car that took the first place in the votes is BMW 335i Coupe that won for Coupes Under 50,000 Euros category. BMW said that both the vehicles share similar engines that have inline six cylinder engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology that allows the engine to produce 306 horsepower and offer superior performance while balancing the fuel economy of the vehicle. BMW Group said that more than 15,000 readers participated in the ballot this year.

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