• May 26, 2009

Three Convertibles That Disappeared in The Mist of Time

lotus elanThree Disappeared Convertibles

Different automakers have been putting their best endeavors to introduce some really impressive and effective topless vehicles since automobile advent. It was in late 1970s when it became almost impossible to get a real classy convertible in the US mainly due to the set safety standards. At that time most of automakers began to show off some alternatives like T-top and targa.

But in 1980s convertible began to get their rightful place once again and soon they were part of almost every automaker line-ups that was carrying its business in the US. There was an array of such drop-top vehicles available in the market after that resurgence. Autos like Mazda Miata and Chrysler LeBaron convertibles proved quite staggering and changed the whole scene.

But there were many that couldn’t get loads of success those days and soon disappeared in the mist of time without making any mark. Here are top three of these Convertibles that disappeared in the mist of time quite quickly.

Buick Reatta

The Buick Reatta had to face a serious identity crisis and Buick’s Chicago zone manager, Jim Krause had to say about it that you wouldn’t find it a hot rod, nor a door buster and you can’t say it a car for family use. It was available with a 165hp 3800 V6 engine with four speed automatic transmissions along with front-wheel drive spot and the vehicle was being offered as convertible in 1990-91 and only 2437 of its droptops were sold.

buick reatta disappeared convertible

Dodge Dakota

It was in 1989 when Dodge showed off what was reckoned the first convertible pickup truck after the revelation of the Ford Model T.  In this vehicle ASC performed. The Dodge Dakota came up with a 125-hp 3.9-liter V6 along with the option of three speed automatic transmission or five-speed manual.

dodge dakota

Infiniti M30

The Q45 luxury sedan was the main attention grabber at the time when the Infiniti brand was first introduced by Nissan in 1990. Just like some other competitors as Lexus LS400 and Acura Legend, this rear wheel drive seemed to compete awesomely with some established players of that time and even with its considerably lower price.

infiniti m30

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