• January 12, 2012

Time to Perform is Performance Focused Brand Campaign of Bridgestone

Super Bowl XLVI is going to start from 5th February 2012 and it will be 42nd annual championship game of National Football League. Bridgestone Americas Launches New Performance-Focused Brand Campaign (Time to perform). Chief Marketing Officer of BATO, Philip Dobbs said, “As the Official Tire of the NFL, the NHL and the PGA TOUR, Bridgestone Americas is excited about our new brand campaign, which creatively integrates our sports marketing initiatives with our specific product lines and their unique characteristics. We have created an imaginary environment in which our proprietary technologies transcend the traditional bounds of tires, and we investigate the impact Bridgestone performance attributes could have on professional sports.”

Madonna will also be part of this performance focused brand campaign and she will perform on 5th February 2012 (on NBC). You will be able to see her performance during the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime show. Association of this super star to this campaign will be source of great attraction for her fans and most probably she will be among major factors which will contribute towards the success of Bridgestone Americas Brand Campaign.

It is projected that new Super Bowl ads for Bridgestone Americas Brand Campaign will set new trends and values in the field of advertisement. Bridgestone believes in quality ads because it knows the importance of ads and their effect on viewers, keeping it in mind it has intelligently designed this campaign. Dobbs said, “The commercials dramatize how the attributes from each product could translate to the football field, basketball court, bowling lane and ice hockey rink. In these commercials, we attempt to demonstrate the Bridgestone technologies that drivers can rely on when they need it most.” Bridgestone is very focused towards its mission that’s why it utilizes latest technology in its tires in order to offer best and safe products to customers.

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