• August 17, 2011

Tinted Windows on a Mustang: What You Should Know

Ford Mustangs, whether they’re hardtops are convertibles, are popular buys year after year.  Known as much for their pony car past as they are for their impressive redesign a few years ago that gave the car some much needed visual muscle, Mustangs generally serve well on both the performance and appearance fronts for their owners.  But like any entry-level sports car, a Mustang does have some deficits to take care of, though those can be easily remedied by utilizing several aftermarket part upgrades.  In this article, we’ll go over window tinting upgrades for Mustangs, as well as suggestions to as whether or not you should keep clear windows or go with tinted ones on your vehicle.

In order to tint your car’s windows, you can do take two approaches.  The first, to get brand new tinted windows directly from the manufacturer, is often prohibitively costly and rather unnecessary.  If you want to save money and still get windows with a clean tint application, an aftermarket Mustang window tint kit should serve you well.  Window tint kits each come with several pieces of precut window film.  This film is tinted to the specifications you desire, so you can get a shade that best suits your driving and privacy needs.  The precutting is essential; it makes sure that each piece of tinted film will fit perfectly over the window of your Mustang, so you don’t have to worry about cutting a piece too small to use.

Window tint kits provide many benefits to drivers and their passengers.  First and foremost, they cut down on penetrating sunlight, so that it’s less likely for a driver to be blinded from a side window while driving in the daylight.  Second, the blocked sunlight won’t be able to wear on upholstery when a car’s parked outside all day long, preventing further long term damage to interior materials.  And finally, a window tinting kit can increase the vehicle’s privacy, by making it much more difficult to see through the vehicle’s windows.  If you’re looking for some alone time and are used to having passersby peek through your Mustang’s windows, that tint will help cut off their vision.

Clear windows are better for those drivers who prefer to wear their sunglasses at all time, and are not good at matching up shapes (to get the window tint film applied properly).  If you’re good with everything else, though, window tinting can give you the in-car privacy you desire while also making your car look classier on the outside.

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