• February 17, 2009

Tips for Buying a Car

tips_special1Buying a car is not like buying any other gadgets or so. It is different because the amount involved is big. So you have to make your decision carefully.

You should not feel that you have bought the wrong car after buying it. So here are few tips, which may help you choose the right car.

You should be sure about what your budget is. You should make sure that you don’t exceed your affordability. This is because if you exceed your affordable limit you may expose yourself to probable financial problems.

You should find out the purpose of your car. You should decide whether the purpose is transportation alone or luxury or just personal love for the car.

You should decide which category car you should buy i.e. a sedan or a van. Luxurious car models like the BMW or Mercedes Benz may not be necessary if your purpose is confined to transportation alone.


After deciding the type of car you want you can look at various brands of the same type. This is because one brand may give a better value for money than others for the same type of car. A test drive can help you to find the difference between various brands and identify what you want.

After deciding what car you want, you will be left with two options. One is to buy a new car and other is to buy a used one. To decide on it you can browse the web and find out how much the used cars cost.


You can determine the amount you can save by buying an used car. You can always go for a used car if you find a good deal. But otherwise, you can choose a new one. After choosing the car, the next step is to choose the way of financing. You should choose the plan that is best for you.

You should communicate properly with the buyer. You should offer him deals rather than he offering you a deal. You should research well and find out how much the car is worth and pay around that value.


Sometimes, dealers may seek high prices just to make extra profit. So you should not fall victim to such acts.

With the price of gas continuously creeping up, mileage becomes an important factor. Decide how much you will be able to spend on gas and you can decide on the car that best suits your expected expenditure on gas.


You should also decide upon the expected maintenance cost. Try to choose a car that is easy to maintain and which has affordable maintenance cost.

Apart from these factors you should also consider the Insurance Cost and warranty. They may have significant impact on the cost involved.

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