• June 16, 2010

Tire Safety Week Celebration

Michelin is working with the celebration process of the Tire Safety Week. This is a big call for maintaining effective ways for high end tire maintenance as well as regular tire care that leads to increased road safety.

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With National Tire Safety week working towards reminding consumers of the benefits and life saving opportunities coming from regular tire check ups, there are also a host of other awareness related programs that come through this campaign. Your tires are very important parts of your contact on road and it is of vital importance to have proper care of your tires at all occasions. Michelin is bringing greater points and fines for managing tires when it comes to creating cost effective maintenance of different tires. These involve truck tires, car tires and sports car tires which are all separate and require effective attention in order to function in top quality every time.

Tire check is one of the most invaluable ways through which one ensures road safety every time. The related features that have been shown through the Tire Safety Week are ideas about replacing tires when needed, creating a proper truck Toolbox as well as replacing RV tires. There are also tire saving tips following which keep your tires enjoying an extended longevity. High quality tires when maintained well, not only gives your tires more life but keep you safe. Following the consumer tips and care advice, your tires should be able to see a good life as well as ensure your safety.

Michelin is promoting their tool box kit which is a very helpful feature that is being promoted through the campaign. The campaign holds several videos and demos included throughout the promotion that help people become more aware on how they can take care of their tires. The official site for Michelin Tool Box brings you weight savings calculator where you can make online check of the load your tire can bear as well as have a checking upon fuel saving calculator.

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