• June 23, 2011

Top 10 Cars of BMW

BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) has proved itself a market leader in the manufacturing of automobiles, motorcycles and engines. Since 1916, BMW cars, Sports motorcycles, Rally cars, Touring cars, Sports cars and Luxury cars have been the popular among consumers.

BMW is one of the favorites in formula one race and has won up to 20 races until now. Touring and Convertible cars have unbeatable luxury and style. Sedans give unmatchable performance. BMW is evey person’s dream. You want to make it your reality; here is a review of top our 10 cars of BMW.

  1. BMW M3 Convertible
  2. BMW 7 Series Active Hybrid
  3. BMW M3 Coupe
  4. BMW 3 Series Touring
  5. BMWX5
  6. BMW Z4 Roadster
  7. BMW 3 series Coupe
  8. BMW 5 Series Touring
  9. BMW 6 Series Coupe
  10. BMW 6 Series Convertible

1. BMW M3 Convertible

BMW M3 makes the top of our list with longitudinal, elegant M styled light weight chassis, M gills and chrome-plated steel twin exhaust pipes. The 18-inch 260M double spoke light-alloy wheels give it a sportier look. The classic interior with fine-wood trims, sycamore mirror-matched grain anthracite, the M steering wheel with red-blue decorative stitching, the M design iDrive Controller, dual M circular dials, is spacious and lavish. High power is achieved by lightweight 15kg V8 high-rev engine which gives maximum performance of 309 kW (420 hp), up to 8,300 rpm, and 400 Nm of torque at 3,900 rpm. Two Transmission speed options makes it a swift convertible with six-speed manual transmission and the M double-clutch transmission (DCT) .

The six-speed manual transmission gives smooth acceleration even in down shifts and the M double-clutch transmission (DCT) uses engine power. It helps in changing gears with the paddles, shift lever or automatic mode and without the transmission of power, the variable M differential lock improves handling, safety and the thrust provided by the BMW M3 Convertible. M Dynamic Mode, Dynamic Stability Control DSC and the optional Electronic Damper Control system, with three different settings helps the driver to handle the car on difficult bending roads. The compound brake discs complete the requirements of a high-performance braking system, braking deceleration, durability, wet-weather performance and heat response. The optional BMW Assist provides congestion reports, up-to-date traffic information, and alternative route suggestions. Your safety is enhanced by breakdown assistance request, vehicle location data, driver, front passenger, side and head airbags seatbelt tensioners.

2.  BMW 7 Series Active Hybrid

BMW 7 Series Active Hybrid is a masterpiece of Hybrid technology. This technology ensures high performances with less fuel consumption and less CO2 emission. Active Hybrid   combines BMW Efficient Dynamics, an electric motor and the efficient BMW TwinPower Turbo V8 combustion engine thus, making BMW Active Hybrid 7 a true work of genius. BMW Active Hybrid 7 has sports chassis with the C pillars, double-arm front axle, the 19-inch aero wheels and 14 centimeter longer wheelbase. The Black Panel technology in the cockpit, the extended rear air conditioning, rear-seat entertainment system and Dakota leather with more legroom makes the interior luxurious and comfy.

The eight-speed automatic transmission along with Start Stop function decreases the number of revolutions at high speeds.  High Precision Injection (HPI) and the Twin Scroll Turbo with Twin Scroll turbochargers reduce fuel emissions. Steptronic allows the gears to be changed manually. The V rear axle and self-leveling air suspension gives consistent ride height. The Dynamic Damping Control system allows fastest driving speeds with the shock absorbers and the Dynamic Driving Control mode helps in driving on hard and bumpy surfaces.

The Comfort, Normal, Sports, and Sports + modes are available with Dynamic Driving Control. BMW Efficient Dynamics with Brake Energy Regeneration, Air vent control are amazing attributes. . The mobile communication platform, BMW ConnectedDrive provides information, communication and driver assistant systems. Some cool features include  BMW Night Vision, BMW TeleServices, Head-Up Display, Camera systems,  Information services, Emergency call, Speed Limit Info,  Lane Departure Warning,  Lane Change Warning The optional soft close automatic ensures that each door is properly closed.

BMW ActiveHybrid 7 offers comfort equipment including the four-zone automatic air conditioning, the optional contour sliding roof and multi-purpose wind deflector. Audio System with the integrated hard drive has space for around 100 audio CDs. The optional BMW HiFi System Professional with the 16 high-performance loudspeakers, Rear seat entertainment with Two adjustable 8-inch monitors, a DVD player and Professional version featuring two 9.2-inch individual monitors operated via a separate iDrive Controller gives ultimate multimedia experience.

The optional Professional navigation system with The 10.2-inch, the digital road maps, high-resolution display and the full-screen map display, including a 3D option helps in reaching your destination quicker. The optional Bluetooth interface provides a wireless connection between the vehicle and Bluetooth-compatible mobile phones. Telephone in the rear allows private telephone conversations. MP3 players, USB sticks and iPods can be connected with car’s audio system.

3. BMW M3 Coupe

BMW M3 Coupé is fashionable and a true beauty with V8 high-rev engine. The ambient interior with M circular dials, the M design iDrive Controller and M seats is amazing. The Six Speed Transmission with M double-clutch transmission (DCT) Drivelogic gives constant power to BMW M3 Coupé. M Dynamic mode and M drive manager makes driving easier and cheerful. A wide range of connectivity features are supported including navigation system, Bluetooth and Internet. Blue, Silverstone II, Melbourne Red and Jerez Black , Alpine White, Black, Sparkling Graphite and Space Grey are exclusive M colors for BMW M3 Coupe.

4. BMW 3 Series Touring

BMW3 Series Touring displays a modern and chic look with L-shape taillights and wide wind intake vents. The 16-, 17- and 18-inch options of M light-alloy wheels with the choice of star spoke, double spoke, multi-spoke or V-spoke make it look athletic. The M sport package with the high-gloss Shadow Line underline, an exclusive cloth/Alcantara combination, Glacier Silver aluminum interior trims, and the M leather steering wheel are its unique traits. The interior with fine wood, titanium or aluminum and intelligently positioned instrument dials give it a more spaciousness. BMW 325i, 330i and 335i has six-cylinder petrol engines which deliver an outstanding power of 225 kW (306 bhp). While the six-cylinder diesel engines in the BMW 325d, 330d and 335d gives maximum performance with an output of 180 kW/245 bhp and limited fuel consumption upto 5.9 l/100 km. In the BMW 318i and 320i, the four-cylinder petrol engines and piezo injectors supplies as little as 2 mg of fuel each time.

The six-speed manual transmission and the six-speed automatic transmission Steptronic ensures maximum acceleration and efficient dynamics in the BMW 3 Series Touring. The xDrive all-wheel drive system distributes 40 percent of the power to the front wheels and 60 percent to the rear thus providing more control, directional stability and safety to BMW 325i, 330i, 335i, 320d and 330d even on dry and wintry roads. The optional Active Steering feature only available on six cylinder models makes manoeuvring easy. The Dynamic Stability Control and damper system,  Auto Start Stop function, Brake Energy Regeneration enhances its dynamics. The Blue Performance is achieved by the use of an oxidizing converter, a diesel particulate filter and a catalytic converter to reduce harmful emissions.

The electric motor is used to assist the steering with the Electric Power Steering (EPS) system and the  tyres with reduced rolling resistance, decreases fuel consumption. The iDrive operating concept features the  Control Display , Bluetooth interface, USB/audio interface and the digital road maps. Other attributes include Active Cruise Control, Adaptive Headlights, the high-beam assistant and the active and passive safety with the safety body chassis. The optional rear-view mirror, Park Distance Control (PDC), the optional Harman Kardon Surround Sound System, the optional Comfort access system with Start/Stop button, optional remote control parking heater , the optional Sport leather steering wheel and sports seats are some characteristic features. BMW ConnectedDrive offers BMW Apps, Emergency call function with location recognition, Traffic Info Plus (V-Info+), BMW navigation system with 6.5 inch display, a radio, an MP3 player, a CD player and a RDS system.

5. BMW X5

BMW X5 with stylish and sporty look and with an interior of fine woods, selected leathers is another step towards luxury. The two straight six-cylinder diesel engines: the xDrive40d and the xDrive30d give maximum efficiency. Active Steering, Adaptive Drive with Dynamic Drive and Dynamic Damping Control, Hill Descent Control (HDC) and the xDrive let you drive in all road conditions with full driving control.

Camera systems, BMW Assist, Speed Limit Info and the optional Comfort access system aid the driver. Rear-seat entertainment with the DVD system in the rear with rotatable display, BMW Apps, high-end audio system and internet with BMW ConnectedDrive and iDrive technology provides all the entertainment you need. In BMW X5, BMW TeleServices also allows advanced emergency calls, thus ensuring passengers safety.

6. BMW Z4 Roadster

BMW Z4 Roadster boosts a classic and elegant look with stretched bonnet and short overhangs with optimal folding of the two aluminum roof shells, the aluminum double-joint tiebar, Xenon headlights and a coupé-style silhouette. BMW Z4 Roadster is the reddot design award winner and represents an exclusive interior with control elements, asymmetrical centre console and a lot of space. The storage space is greater than before in the door panels, the centre console, the glove compartment and the instrument panel.  The Variable boot loading system enables you to load four drink crates or a 46-inch golf bag and two pairs of skis. Electric seat adjustment with memory function and SunReflective Technology makes it more comfortable. The six-cylinder petrol engines, TwinPower turbo technology and High Precision Injection in the BMW Z4 sDrive35i gives maximum power output of 225 kW (306 hp).

The Driving Dynamic Control uses the Normal, Sport und Sport+ options and the seven-speed sport automatic double-clutch transmission gives constant power to the rear wheels. The six-speed sport automatic transmission Steptronic and Brake Energy Regeneration makes BMW Z4 more fuel efficient. The gear shift indicator, Electric Power Steering (EPS) and Tyres with reduced rolling resistance provides personal assistance to the driver.  The Run-flat tyres on the BMW Z4 Roadster and the standard Tyre Pressure Indicator (TPI) warns the driver.

Two roll-over bars in ruthenium-look steel, rigid side sills, air bags, network of suspension, engine management, brakes and tyres, plus Dynamic Stability Control and the high-performance braking system ensure maximum safety whether you are driving with covered or open roof. Other features include the standard 4 x 25-watt BMW Business CD radio with six speakers, HiFi System Professional, BMW ConnectedDrive with BMW apps, emergency call, Information services, Travel and leisure planning , BMW Routes and remote functions, iDrive with USB/audio interface, Bluetooth interface, Navigation system and the digital road maps.

7. BMW 3 Series Coupe

BMW 3 Series Coupé depicts a LED light design with long wheelbase, light-alloy star spoke wheels 311, short overhangs, flowing lines and sporty chassis. The BMW 3 Series Coupé plush glow interior with the electric seatbelt handover, the gearshift lever, paddles and perfectly positioned buttons give it a true elegance. The straight six-cylinder petrol engines in the 325i and 330i gives a maximum power output of 160 or 200 kW with Twin Scroll turbocharger, Valvetronic and direct petrol injection while the four-cylinder engines in the BMW 318i and 320i gives maximum performance of 105 kW (143 hp) and 125 kW (170 hp).

The Diesel engines in BMW 320d, 325d, 330d and 335d gives maximum fuel efficiency. The Seven-speed Sport automatic transmission, Brake energy regeneration, automatic start stop function, EPS, Gear shift Indicater, a Dynamic Traction Control, Active steering, and xDrive give more stability and control and enhanced dynamics to the BMW 3 Series Coupé. Connectivity is achieved via BMW Connected Drive. H
arman/kardon surround sound system and Snap-in adapter are the real BMW accessories.

8. BMW 5 Series Touring

Dynamically designed, as declared by BMW, BMW 5 Series Touring with a panorama glass roof is a sophisticated and stylish luxury. The interior is roomy and beautifully designed. The straight six-cylinder petrol engines in the BMW 523i, 528i and 535i with TwinPower Turbo, Valvetronic and direct petrol injection and the straight six-cylinder diesel engine in the BMW 525d, 530d and 535d gives maximum performance. The four-cylinder diesel engine in the BMW 520d is more fuel efficient.

Eight-speed automatic transmission with Brake Energy Regeneration Electromechanical power steering, Auto Start Stop function and Air vent control boosts efficient dynamics. Safety is made sure by Head-Up Display, Lane Change and Lane Departure Warning, BMW Night Vision, Speed Limit Info, Active Cruise Control, Camera systems. Others characteristics include BMW Apps, iDrive and navigation system, Park Assistant, Four-zone automatic climate control and Rear entertainment.

9. BMW 6 Series Coupe

BMW 6 Series Coupé is a muscular and powerful car with long bonnet and displays a flowing roofline. The interior is modish and comfy with functionality and practicality. The eight-cylinder petrol engine is featured in the BMW 650i while the straight six-cylinder petrol engine gives maximum output in the BMW 630i. The straight six-cylinder diesel engine in the BMW 635d delivers more power and is fuel efficient.

The six-speed manual gearbox and the six-speed Sport automatic transmission give maximum precision. Dynamic Drive is achieved with Dynamic stability control and Dynamic damping system. Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function, crash-active headrests and Brake Force Display ensures maximum passenger safety.

10. BMW 6 Series Convertible

BMW 6 Series Convertible with a coupé-styled silhouette and aluminum cast wheels is a trendy BMW. The leather interior with ambient lighting is roomy and spacious. The high-resolution Control Display standing elegantly on instrument panel provides you information even in less light. The V8 six cylinder engine in the BMW 650i features TwinPower Turbo and petrol direct injection which accelerates your car  upto 300 kw (407 hp) and produces a  maximum torque of 600 Nm.

The 8-speed automatic transmission and centrally fitted exhaust turbochargers give perfect road handling and reduces fuel consumption. The Dynamic Driving Control along with the Integral Active Steering gives additional comfort. The electromechanical power steering activates on request. Other unique features include Auto Start Stop function, Head-Up Display, BMW Night Vision which identifies pedestrians in dark, Connected navigation – Google services, Bluetooth office, BMW Online, Driver assistance systems, Park Assistant, Camera system with 5 cameras. An exclusive BMW Lifestyle collection is a perfect companion for your travelling Are you a BMW fan? Then, Get ready to choose your personal favorite BMW.

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