• March 23, 2009

Top 10 Cheapest Cars

Want to ride your own car? Feeling difficulty in arranging finances, not to worry, have your pick amongst the top 10 cheapest cars of the world.

1- Popping up at no.1 is India’s Tata Nano, the latest to enter the cheap cars list. Costing only about $2,500 its plan hit to the market in the later part of this year.


With four doors, 2-cylinder petrol engine, it delivers 33hp elevating to the top speed of 60mph. Without any radio, air conditioner or air bags in the basic model, a car available at such a low price is not a surprise.

2- Next is the Chinese car, surprisingly on no.2, though China should have been on 1st place. China’s Jiangnan Alto comes only at $3,785.32 i.e., 25,800Yuan. The basic model of the car is a 3-cylinder powered car with 0.8liter.


3- Then comes the much talked about Chery QQ 4 door hatchback priced only at $4,781 i.e., 34,499 Yuan. It is powered by a 0.8-liter, 3-cylinders engine which is accommodative of 51hp. The car is also available in 1.1-liter I4 which is able to produce 67hp. Both of these vaguely come up with traveling economy of 5 to 6liters per 100km i.e., 47 to 40mpg.


4- Maruti is a cheap one coming only for $4,994. It is a five door hatchback car which comes with 37hp only. The car runs on 12inch wheels reaching top speed level of 78mph. Provides fuel economy of 47 miles per gallon, the car can accommodate 4 people in all. It costs only slightly more than the Chery QQ.


5- Geely MR basically relates to Daihatsu Charade of the mid 80s. Costing only about $5,500, Geely MR is almost like HQ. But this car has the ability to be fitted with more powertrains to make it more of a sporty buddy. It is basically standardized with 1.3-liter, 4 cylinders, and 86hp strength.


6- The next is Geely HQ SRV is coming for $5,780, a compact car with a pair of 3-cylinder engines boosting both 52 and 55hp or a 1.3-liter I4 with 86hp. the known fuel economy are under 6.5 l/100 km (36 mpg).


7- Wearing a price tag of $7,340 is the A-1 powered by a 1.3-liter, 4-cylinder, and 83hp engine. Known to jump up to Euro IV standard, the car will be seeing upgrade pretty soon. It will be sold under a dodge brand name in Mexico and alike.


8- Tata Indica worth $8,500 is a pretty cool car to be enlisted in the cheapest cars. It comes with a 1.2-liter engine or a Xeta 1.4-liter I4, 70hp, or a 1.3-liter DICOR diesel. With an option to convert on Compressed Natural Gas, and delivering capability of 33mpg in mixed cycle and 23.5mpg in city usage.


9- Hyundai i10 with $9,096 price, an elementary car just a few inches larger than the Japanese Kei Car. Can run either on gasoline or fuel, acquires 1.1-liter I4 75hp engine.


10- A 5 door hatchback Fiat Palio weighing about $9,242 on the buyer’s pocket is truly a “World-car.” It has come up with almost all kinds of engines. Offering 1.0liter, sportier 1.8-liter, and Fiat’s small diesel engines, it has been a competent car providing high mileage experiences.


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