• June 15, 2009

Top 10 Most/Least Expensive Vehicles To Insure

Well are you planning to buy a new car for you in sometime? There are a lot of factors which needs to be considered before buying one. Lots of information needs to be collected. Apart from the vehicle cost you need to check out how much it costs to insure. And knowing that info is really tedious.

The insure.com has compiled a list of 300 vehicles and given out the insurance costs for each and every car available. Mostly many cars have so much cost involved that you can see from the list and you can also get some surprises from the list. The eleventh most expensive vehicle to insure and thus which has not come in our list of top 10 most expensive cars is Chevy Cobalt SS.  From this we can infer that even the smallest Super Sport costs more to insure than the famous cars like BMW, Jaguar, etc.

So with this, you can find the most expensive cars to insure and later the list of least expensive cars to insure.

Going from the bottom the topmost in the list is the Porsche 911.  What a sporty finish does it have and it’s the tenth most expensive vehicle in the US to insure. There is always a doubt that would anyone be able to pay an additional pay of $1819 or so per year for a sticker price of just $75?

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The ninth most expensive vehicle in the US to insure would be the Lexus IS-F. if you try to have a harsh drive then no doubt you may be spending much more amount to replacing the rear tires than to pay the insurance amount.

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It cost around $1912 to insure HUMMER H2 which seems to be much more than the 2009 Porsche 911. HUMMER H2 stand eighth in the list of most expensive vehicles in the US to insure.

With all the best features in BMW M5, it doesn’t seem to be the most expensive car to be insure in the US. But rather it stands too low as in the seventh position.

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Audi S8 comes next in the list. S8 seems to be more costly and you may need to spend nearly 20% of the amount every year for insurance.

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Be it the G-Class, the G-Wagen or the Geländewagen its take $2088 per year to insure it. And added to the list is 2009 Mercedes-Benz G-Class which is fifth in the list.

Its really surprising that the top 4 expensive vehicles to insure are all sportscars. Ford Mustang GT500 stand so fourth in the list.

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Next in the list is BMW’s range-topping M6 sport coupe which is really expensive.

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Added to this list in second place is Dodge Viper for which you may need to pay $2446 per year.

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By a sharp guess you must have found out that Nissan GT-R is the most expensive vehicle to insure in the US with $2533. Coming to the least expensive vehicles to insure in the US, we can find that all these are minivans.

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Chrysler Town and Country qualifies to be the tenth least expensive vehicle to be insured in the US.

Mazda Tribute comes next in the list at 9th position which has a premium per year around $913.  Saturn Vue seems to be much more stylish than the Mazda Tribute and it just takes $911 to insure the car in the US.

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Smart for two cars costs really less and seems really cheap in regards to the insurance payments.

Coming in the list next would be Honda Odyssey which stands at sixth position and it requires only amount as low as $871 per year to insure.

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Kia Rio5 seems to have good looks and yet much cheaper and t comes to only $ 870 per year to insure.

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Kia Sedona coming next in the list seems to be really cheap when it comes to insuring it for a year in the US.

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Hyundai Entourage being a lovely car it also attracts people with its finish and the payment for insurance which is as low as $848.

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Kia Sportage costs only $840 per year to insure and it is the second most expensive car to be insured in the US.

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Hyundai Santa Fe really the damn cheapest and the least expensive car to be insured in the US for only $832.

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  • Cool Cars , I love them all

  • Really nice photos. Kind of confusing the way prices for least and most are mixed up together though.

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