• May 11, 2009

Top 10 Muscle Cars

muscle-carsMuscle Cars

Here is all the inspiring and thrilling top 10 muscle cars of all time are listed. Well, some of the fastest cars like Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini could be listed as the Muscle cars, but we know that those fast cars were manufactured by keeping in mind the rich customers, who like super cars.

The real muscle cars were made for those people who would spend some fortune in the late 60’s for the jaw-dropping feature, the power. These big and bad muscle cars have attracted the boys with more muscle power than the sports cars of new age.

1- Ford Mustang Boss 429

In the top of the list I would put the most powerful, aggressive looking and high performance machine, Ford Mustang Boss 429 that was built in 1969. This was one of the most expensive cars of its class and the reason to build this machine was that Ford wanted to make its space in NASCAR.

2- 64 Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger is a new Pontiac GTO and the striking Chevrolet Camaro concept. The Charger imitated the fastback style found by the Mustang and was a great success, selling more than 37,000 in the first year. The muscle car was just about eight years between 1964 and 1972 but it escorted in a horsepower war which saw Chevrolets producing more than 450bhp from a 7.4-litre V8 powerful engine. This is one of the top muscle cars of all times.

3- Shelby Cobra 427

The Shelby Cobra 427 built in 1966 was one of the most powerful and beautiful cars of that era. With the strong and rugged chassis of the Shelby Cobra it was loaded with powerful and high performance 480 bhp engine. It was designed more likely European sports cars but its muscle was enough to prove it an American machine. This muscle car was sold in 2007 for $5.5 million USD.

4- L88 Corvette

Well!!! Well!!! Well!!! This is absolutely unfair when talking about muscle cars but not discussing the L88 Corvette, built in 1968. The maker really didn’t want to allow this car on streets due to its specially designed powerful 550 bhp engine. Several features offered in standard cars like air condition and a radio were not installed to make this powerful muscle car less attractive for an ordinary car lover man.

5- 427 COPO Chevelle

The 1969 427 COPO Chevelle had a limited production of just about 320 cars and it was specially designed on the order of dealers. This muscle car was equipped with a L72 427-cid V-8 high performance engine that produce 450 bhp just because of the demand from muscle car loving Chevy dealers. But the COPO Chevelle was built and distributed to some very happy dealers.

6- Plymouth Hemi-Cuda

The big bad machine built in 1970 featured the 425 bhp 426 hemi engine was the Plymouth Hemi-Cuda. This strong muscle car shown off a 0-60 mph in only 5.6 seconds and was known for burning rubber without much speed. This Hemi Cuda was specially designed and built for the Muscle car lovers, who loved powerful engine and speed!

7- Buick GSX

A beefy Buick, the Stage 1 ‘GSX’ powerful muscle car produced 360 bhp however, some of the test drivers said it came near to 400 for the bigger valved, better headed and hotter camshafted car. This super muscle car did the quarter mile in just 13.38 seconds.

8- Oldsmobile 442

Oldsmobile was the second car maker to offer a mid-sized muscle car with an outrageous engine of 5.4-litres. Oldsmobile 442 was loaded with 310 bhp engine with police-spec motor. This monster muscle car included up-rated springs, shocks and an anti-roll bar giving the Oldsmobile442 a status for really being able to go round corners easily.

9- Firebird Formula

The Firebird Formula was introduced in 1993 with the most powerful 5.7 liter V8 engine producing 275 – horsepower. The all new aluminum engine was rolled out in 1998 with 305 horsepower. These Firebirds were blisteringly fast and could easily running the quarter-mile in less than 13-seconds and shockingly quick with the top speed of 160 mph.

10- Pontiac G8 GXP

Another giant of new age belongs to the muscle car category is G8 GXP sedan. The fuel injected V8 engine of this latest muscle car produces 415 – horsepower that takes it from zero to 60 in just 4.9 seconds. The most powerful production Pontiac G8 GXP features best handling with independent suspension system. This car is easily competing BMW 5-Series.

There are lot more muscle cars having bulletproof, powerful and high performance engines that could boast around 500 bhp. All these top muscle cars are also available nowadays but offered at higher prices to the muscle car lovers. The above mentioned top 10 muscle cars of all time featured all the characteristics that are wanted by the boys of this age in a muscle car.


  • As a European – Greek I like the most Shelby Cobra 427 and L88 Corvette. Corvette also reminds me the Opel Gt a smaller car but still handsome. Anyway I like them all.

  • That’s superb collection actually… but so pathetic Buick GS is not in the list 🙁

  • i love my lambo

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