• February 21, 2012

Top 10 Tips to Maintain Vehicles in Winter

Winters are here and so is the problem of maintaining your vehicles. Vehicles don’t love cold weather as they fail to start, their batteries get dead, the oil freezes, windshield is often loaded with snow and they also skid and slip on wet roads. So, to keep your vehicle working properly and enjoy driving in winters do take a look at our top 10 tips to maintain vehicles in winter.

1. Clean and Maintain the Vehicle

Regularly clean your vehicle and maintain it by having a check up on daily basis. Cover it to protect from dust and leaves which are in abundance in dry winter. However, if there is a heavy snowfall, then you also have to remove the snow from the whole chassis of your automobile.

2. Maintain the Headlights

In winter fog, heavy rain and hail tends to reduce the visibility. So, maintain the headlights of your car. Replace them if they are not working as it is dangerous to drive your automobile in fog without the head lights working properly. You can also wax the lights to make them shine properly.

3. Use Winter Snow Tires

All season- tires are good for your automobile but they are not safe to drive in winter. In areas where there is heavy snow and rain, winter snow tires work only and let you cruise your auto on slippery and wet roads safely. Also you should regularly check the tire pressure, as it decreases with the increase in cold weather.

4. Protect the Car Batteries

Batteries are the most important part of the car. Protect them from getting dead in cold weather. Keep the battery posts clean. Regularly check the clamps and cables. Also if your battery is 2-3 years older, it is better to replace it with a new one.

5. Avoid Car from getting Rust

Regular car washing is advisable but in winter, the weather is already very moist, so keep the vehicle dry after you have washed it. Dry it with clean cloth to prevent the car from getting rust.

6. Use Dip Slick Warmer to unfreeze the oil

Oil in the car can freezes due to cold weather. To unfreeze it use dip slick warmer. Also it is recommended to change the oil every 3,000 miles or once every three months.

7. Remove the Snow from Windshield

Remove all the snow and dirt that has been accumulated on the windshield and wipers before driving. As if you face bad weather during your road trip, the wipers of your automobile will get stuck and don’t work properly. Also inspect the defrosting and heating system which helps in removing the fog from the windshield.

8. Keep Winter Safety Kit

Keep winter safety kit with you all the time in the car during cold weather as your car can stick anywhere and refuse to start. Your safety kit must have

  • Plastic bag and ice scrapper for gathering snow
  • Plumber’s candle & lighter
  • Extra Tires
  • Engine oil, and coolant bottles
  • Flash lights, neon signs and a whistle for any emergency
  • Winter boots, rain coat and gloves

9. Keep the Car tank Full with Gas

Keep the tank of the car full with fuel, as in winter season the availability of the fuel is often difficult and less amount of fuel can damage your car engine.

10. Check the radiator

Check the radiator. The antifreeze and water should be in right quantity in the radiator. Don’t put an extra amount as it can affect the working of your automobile.

So, keep your autos run smoothly even in cold weather with our 10 tips to maintain your vehicles in winter.

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