• June 17, 2010

Top 30 Classic Sports Cars

Classic Sports Cars

Classic Sports Cars will never go out of style. Best sports car or sports utility vehicles are craven by people from all over the world mostly due to the style and oomph quotient. Sports cars score high on the glamour quotient and also deliver in terms of performance and driving. Sports car has been patronized by people, especially the younger generation ever since sports cars were actually created. Diamonds are forever they say, but to a sports car enthusiast, a classic sports car is forever and never goes out of style.

Photo by DonaldUist

Sports cars are symbolic of the decades of glamour of Hollywood celebrities and music icons that made sure that particular models of sports cars actually never went out of style. It is thanks to them that sports cars are patronized by people in the present day. Young people who worshipped their icons from movies and rock concerts who zipped around in the sleekest sports cars possible always dreamt of owning a particular model of a classic sports car.

So when they grew up some of them actually realized their dream of owning classic cars and this trend ha been maintained to this day. Classic sports cars can never go out of fashion thanks to celebrities who drove such cars and made them extremely popular, in fact iconic and unforgettable among the masses. The popularity of a classic sports car is an undeniable fact. Classic sports cars will basically never go out of style. So what are the requirements for a car to be branded as a classic sports car? It definitely must be a sports car that is a sports utility vehicle (SUV). But aside from this very obvious qualification, a number of reasons and factor might qualify a car to be a classic sports car.

One of the most important reasons is sentimental value. Thanks to sentimental value and also screen presence in a particular iconic moment of a movie and such cars are capable of attuning iconic status. Case in point- the 007 Aston Martin that is driven by James Bond the iconic secret agent in the James bond movies. The Aston Martin has acquired cult status among connoisseurs of cinema thanks to the immense popularity of the James Bond movies. A classic sports utility vehicle thus cannot be defined in precise terms. A number of classic sports utility vehicles are there in the present day which will actually almost never go out of style.

These cars are still produced in large numbers even if they are outdated and use outdated technology, and these cars have almost become collector’s editions. The cost of production of these cars might be high but despite all that they are still produced in large numbers and are sold in almost equally large numbers despite the new cars in the market. These cars persist in the present day because of their sentimental value and the sentimental value of these cars is an undeniable fact that cannot be denied and is thus an undeniable fact. A few of the best classic sports cars have been enumerated in the following list:

The Alfa Romeo Carabo

Photo by michaelward_autoitalia

The Alfa Romeo iguana

Photo by ans

The Alfa Romeo Disco Volante

Photo by (* auro *)

The Aston Martin DB5

Photo by ikeyå 14•2•1

The Audi Avus Quattro

The BMW Nazca

Photo by ItalyCai

The Daimler SP 250 Dart

Photo by firstplanetcar

The Ferrari Mythos

Photo by 89AKurt

The Ford RS 200

Photo by Have Fun SVO

The Ford GT90

The Ford GT70

Photo by Riceburner75

The Jaguar XJ 13

Photo by JonRB

The Jaguar SS  100

Photo by Martin Vincent

The Jaguar E Type

Photo by Ray H

The Lamborghini Bravo

Photo by flakahoo

The Lamborghini Silhouette

Photo by decampos

The Lamborghini Athon

Photo by lambocars.com

The Lamborghini Jalpa

The Lamborghini Portofino

Photo by lambocars.com

The Lamborghini 530 GTV

The Lamborghini Jamara 400 GT

The Lamborghini Espada

Photo by Albert S. Bite

The Lamborghini Miura P 40 SV

The Maserati Boomerang

Photo by Ericprk

The Maserati Merak

Photo by tonylanciabeta

The Maserati Ghilbi

Photo by pohutukawa2008

The Maserati Khamsin

Photo by michaelward_autoitalia

The Maybach Exelero

Photo by iPhotograph

The Mercedes Benz c Class c 111

The Mercedes Benz 300 SL

Photo by en.wikipedia.org

It is an undeniable fact that all of the above mentioned cars will never go out of style. These cars are symbolic of an era gone by, decades of glory and glamour that will never come back again. So people in a desperate effort to cling on to the days gone by have accepted that value that a classic sports car actually has and the fact that a classic sports car actually has the potential to never go out of style, ever. The sentimental value of a classic sports car is an undeniable fact. Classic sports cars have basically been immortalized on the big screen by a variety of fashion icons like- models, actors and actresses, rock artists and other celebrities.

The establishment of a car as a classic sports car does wonders for the brand or the motor car company or the automobile company that is engaged in the production of the classic sports car. Their brand value gets boosted, and they witness a steep rise in sales which translates to amazing profits for the car company in question that is responsible for the creation of a classic sports car. Once a sports car has attained iconic status the brand value increases by leaps and bounds.

Sharp increase in the sale of that particular car is witnessed along with the sharp increase in profits. A sports car is basically an open car that is of low built and is extremely fast. It can either be luxurious or even Spartan, but the most important parameter of a classic sports car in top notch driving performance and top notch mechanical performance. A number of drivers think of name of the brand as well as the reputation of the brand and the history of the brand as a parameter to judge the classic sports car in question. A Porsche, a lotus or even a Ferrari and even certain exotic brands of cars like Lamborghini are involved in the production of a classic sports car. One definition is not enough for a good classic sports car.

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