• November 11, 2010

Top 5 Best Combination of Higher Mileage and Low Emissions

Best Hybrid Cars

In today’s global world, what matters the most to customers is miles per gallon by their cars.

This trend is driven due to the reasons including

  1. Increase in oil prices
  2. Development of cities leading to long distances between places.

Now only those cars are sold and admired by the customers who are focused on mpg, instead of previous trend of mph. Automobile manufacturers have now produced engineering marvels for car hoods, having engines with amazing fuel efficiency. Top of the line economical cars for 2010 is as follows;

1. Toyota Prius

Without any doubt, the car with rich heritage when it comes to outstanding fuel efficiency, Toyota Prius is at number 1. Since its first model back in start of 21st century, the car continuously improved its features, both mechanically and technically to improve fuel economy. With its new 2010 model, Toyota has actually proven the power of its petrol-electric hybrid engine. The car actually has the best combination of low torque produced by electric engine and high speed generated by petrol engine, resulting in amazing performance, what customers wants today.

2. Honda Insight

With new Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist System, Honda Insight is at number 2 when it comes to fuel efficiency. The car has a Unique Eco Assist system, which makes it not only fuel efficient but also low on C02 emissions, making it environment friendly as well. Insight is very aerodynamically designed with cuts and trims making it even more economical on long drives and fast speed. With all these advancements, this car, without any doubt, is number one competitor of Toyota Prius.

3. VW Bluemotion

On number 3, Volkswagen with its second generation of Bluemotion series, presents the best ever economical version of these series. The fuel efficiency has even improved from its previous version, with CO2 emission of 3-8 grams less on every kilometer. This is not all, the looks of the car makes it customer demand number 1, especially for people looking to go for long drive on environment friendly car.

4. Ford Fiesta Econetic

One of the best choices by auto markets globally, Ford Fiesta Econetic is at number 4. This car has it all, from marveled style to fuel efficiency. With its super efficient diesel engine, this car can go for 100 km in just 3.2 L on highways. This is not all; this car has been recorded with lowest CO2 emissions, promoting protection of nature and environment. So what are you waiting for, go and buy it.

5. Toyota IQ

Last but not the least, another marvel from number one automobile makers present today, Toyota IQ is at number 5. As the name suggests, people who have dream of driving an inspirational small design car can only make an intelligent decision of purchasing Toyota IQ. With its low consumption and less CO2 emission, this car can surprise you with its acceleration, going from 0-100 km/h in just 14 seconds. So if you are looking for small car with roomy interior and good economy, Toyota IQ is your number your decision.

People today have two important concerns when it comes to buying behavior (i) eco friendly products and (ii) higher quality at low price.  The above mentioned cars are not only eco friendly, but also are very reliable and economical.

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