• November 16, 2009

Top 5 Car Stereos

Car Stereos

Car stereos are truly one of the most important accessories that one can embellish their cars with. Whether you are a music enthusiast or you’re not, having a car stereo is like a given if you want to make your drive more enjoyable. Even if you don’t have the best car around town, with the right stereo system and you’re kind of music you can feel on top of the world. However, it is important that you have a good quality car stereo so that your experience in music is the best. Here are our top five picks:

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Sony XAV-W1

There are three great features that makes this car stereos system our top pick; it has one of the clearest and most decipherable wide screen display for a car stereo, media playback ability in a vast range of varieties and the interface is one of the simplest yet most useful for a person driving the car. Besides all that, it is also one of the most stylish car stereo system you can have installed.

The stereo system also is compatible with one of the widest varieties of audio formats making it near to unlikely that you will not be able to play your particular music on your audio system. You will also find that you can play the FM radio and attach your iPod to the system and play whatever music you like. The visual appeal of the menu display also makes the function of the system very handy. If you are driving the car you will find that you can simply scroll through long lists of songs only with a single touch. Among the best car stereos this is surely one of them.

Panasonic CQ-VD7001U

Among the best car stereos that have been released till date is this other model that takes audio systems in cars to the next level. Among the best features of the car stereo that puts it in the second place among car stereos are the following features: it has a seven inch LCD screen which by the way is touch screen, it has a private mode feature that allows you to play one track in the front of the car and another one through the rear speakers in the car, it has one of the best quality of sounds that is produced; the sound quality is nearly like one that you would experience in a theater. The visuals and handling of the system is also actually friendly for someone driving the car. The price of the stereo system is also actually pretty low compared to the kinds of features that the system offers and makes it one of the better of the car stereos.

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Alpine iDA-X 001

This car stereo will not take you very long to figure out why we have ranked it among our best car stereos. This car stereo was made especially for those people who would like to carry their iPod around everywhere they went and even their cars. This is surely the best car stereo to own if you plan on connecting and listening to your iPod in your car. The interface that is used by the stereo which is easy to understand and use for drivers are all made especially for the iPod though it is also great for other audio formats as well. Actually other USB mass storage devices can also be used to play back files of other audio formats such as MP3 as well for your benefit. It is however a single DIN unit and does not have a CD slot. But over all, this car stereo is easy to use and is great for all iPod users.

JVC El Kameleon KD-AVX44

This is one good car stereo for those who cannot imagine to leave their house without their storage of music. It is enabled to playback music from iPods, USB devices and other devices with Bluetooth connectivity. The design of this car stereo is also pretty classy in itself, all black and sophisticated with an interface that makes the use of the stereo by the driver very easy, so you should not be having any trouble operating the stereo while you are driving. Actually, what makes it better is that the keys and the buttons function based on proximity sensors; which is the reason why we say that it is great for those driving the car to control it. In fact you can even sync it with a phone that is compatible with Bluetooth for a hands free calling feature!

Blaupunkt Casablanca MP54

This car stereo system is also one of the best car stereos around because of some of its major features that sets it apart from other car stereos of the same league. It has for example a fold down face along with being a detachable head unit. It has a 4V mono subwoofer output along with having an auxiliary input. The system also has a remote control making it easier for the driver of the car to control the music they wish to listen to and those that they want to skip over. The price of this car stereo is much lower than the others above it in the list and thus is in the list of the best car stereos as it is a great buy for the price and is an obvious good choice among the car stereos that are a part of the same price range as this one.


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