• September 9, 2009

Top 5 Chinese Cars Popular in American Market

Top Chinese Cars

Top Chinese CarSome of the Chinese car making companies design specific cars each year meant for the big American market. These top car makers have made 2009 a very special year with incredible deals and models being offered to the US market. China is projected through the World Bank show as one of the upcoming and positive car making companies. Their superheated run off had had over 10% of the total car market in US.

This year it has been 6% but then it is always expanding in new directions. With greater plans ahead China is looking forward to surpass a lot of US car making companies in their auto sales within US territories itself. Since the worldwide automobile sales have dropped since last year, the cars coming from China has also dropped down markedly. But even then there continues to be great demands for Chinese cars which seem to be in no competition with other brands available in the US.

The Chinese cars have created their own niche in this market and show some promises to accelerate even further with the higher sales. These are the following cars that have been making quite some celebrations with their popularity in the US market:

Brilliance GT:

This car is one of a kind that comes with dual door compact stature. They have a 1.8 liter engine that is rated at 167 bhp. The body is about 173 lb-ft with the torque mated at 6-speed manually operated transmission. This is a really sporty looking car that can come under the slot of sport compacts that are widely available in the US.

Great Wall Gwkulla:

This was one of the greatest yet stylish cars that you would see coming from China. This electronic vehicle is all about largeness in size and big power coming from 50 KW with permanent magnet synchronous system. This DC electric driven motor has had lithium ion batteries that come synchronized with ranges between 100 miles of changes.

Great Wall Hover H7:

This SUV is a great addition coming from the Chinese market. It comes with a Hover H7 Concept which has a midsize of spute ute with 3.0 liter V-6, 6-speed manual, automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive.

 sCredit: flickr

The H7 is also laden with high-tech features that had to be integrated with LCD instrument and a paneling system. The panel displays allows for great night time vision and integrated climate plus multimedia control.

Roewe MG6:

This is a Chinese version of the British idea of an MG6. If you have loved the previous MG6 then you would love this as well. However it is popular in the US because of its low key sportiness but even then the handsome Roewe should be focused on to be bringing some more alternate looks to the US market.

 sCredit: flickr

The 4-door car is coming out to be almost similar in different versions of itself across the world. It always bears the sleek yet aggressive features.

Roewe N1 Concept:

This is another car coming from Shanghai auto shows and happens to be really popular in the US. It is a midsize sedan with great looking front end as well as headlamps. It just stays accentuated in its looks with the amazing crease line and the fore as well as hind fenders. There are numerous stylish intricacies coming with this model that keeps it irresistible.

In past America, Japan and Europe have been importing cars from China regularly. Now the Chinese market seems to be growing stronger in America. Car buying explosion is being predicted again with the focus on more hybrid and eco friendly cars.


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