• July 5, 2011

Top 5 Hybrid Bikes

Youngsters love to ride on the stylish bike and like to flaunt their image as a versatile cyclist; most of them like to have the hybrid bikes which feature the large wheels and not so heavy frame of racing bike and straight riding location of a mountain bike.

The blend of racing and mountain bike makes hybrid bike the heart throb of several youngsters. If you also love hybrid bike, and want to own one of it the following count down of “Top 5 Hybrid Bikes” can help you to choose one of the best hybrid bike.

1. Specialized Sirrus Expert

The first hybrid bike in our list of “Top 5 Hybrid Bike” is Specialized Sirrus Expert. The Specialized Sirrus Expert is a flat-bar road bike which is available with a Carbon fork, incorporated headset and a particular Elite-Set 3D forged 4 bolt stem that can be adjusted to 4 positions. Light aluminum frame of Specialized Sirrus Expert makes it a speedy hybrid bike and Shimano 105 transmission let the user to conveniently shift via 30 gears and offers a smooth and comfortable ride over the road. Carbon stays links the seats to the frame and features patented vibration dampening flexible clips. The geometry of frame along with even handlebars helps the rider to stay comfortably on seat in an alert position which is perfect when one move from the heavy traffic.

2. Boardman Performance Hybrid Pro Ltd

Chris Broadman was a renowned cyclist who won the Olympic gold in 1992 and since then his hybrid bike Pro Ltd gained immense popularity among the people. The Pro Ltd features not so heavy aluminum frame with weight of just 20lb 8oz, it also features top tube like the shape of diamond which makes the frame strong and tough just like an ox. Pro Ltd includes accessories i.e. SRAM Double Tap shifters which helps you to shift via 20 gears, Boardman Performance Hybrid Pro Ltd is a speedy bike which is most suitable for the weekend training.

3. Ridgeback Flight 04

The third hybrid bike in our list of “Top 5 Hybrid Bikes” is Ridgeback Flight 04; its Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub is situated on the wheels within a locked unit. You will be glad to read that it does not require as much maintenance as required by conventional derailleur gears. Flight 04 offers easy and smooth experience of gear change, aluminum frame in this hybrid bike is bit heavy which makes it bit tough to ride. Weight of Ridgeback Flight 04 is 25lb and it is suitable for fuss free gears.

4. Cannondale Bad boy Single speed

Cannondale Bad boy Single speed is the second last hybrid bike in our list of “Top 5 Hybrid Bikes” and it is perfect for heavy duty city riding. If you are looking for some light and speedy hybrid bike as well as stylish one Bad Boy Single speed can be the best choice. Front wheel of this hybrid bike is linked to the frame by means of fatty solo fork which is a flexible aluminum rod that helps the user to ride and move smoothly on the rough surface. Avid Juicy 3 brakes are its most desirable accessory that offers a great power to ride to stop the fast moving Cannondale Bad boy Single speed hybrid bike.

5. Pompino Bianco

The last bike in our list of “Top 5 Hybrid Bike” is Pompino Bianco which is a dashing hybrid bike and most suitable for standing out. Pompino Bianco is composed of steel pompino frame which also include accessories like Planet X A57 wheels which helps to attain the high speed. Pompino Bianco is the true combination of racing and mountain bike.

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