• October 7, 2009

Top 5 Micro Cars

Micro Cars

Micro CarsSome of the most popular cars today are the tiny ones, especially suited for nuclear families or single people in the fast lane. While living in a city the conditions are always favorable for the tiny car and that is how one gets to bring about a lot in forms of swift movement and maneuvering with the fast cars. Most tiny, fast cars that have been coming out in the market recently are all environment friendly and do not run on gasoline. The environment conscious have thus been opting for tiny cars with greater values on offer. There are some of the best proven, beautiful and easy to manage cars today. They are also cheap and easy on maintenance.

The following cars have been piled up to bring in price relations as well as overseeing of different forms of automaking demands that have been prevalent in the current year. the government overseers of car mechanism have concluded that they have some of the greatest price relations in lieu of maintenance cost as well as taking care of environment.

The list of the top 5 among such cars happens to be as follows:

Chevy Aveo:

This is a car that has been built top suit the needs and comforts of the urban economy. It is not a land whale but a rather sweet penguin which you would find easy to control and feel comfortable with. There is also plenty of room to work with at the rear end of the compartment. The garage and checking account is not a problem for you even if you are on tiny city.

 sPhoto by chevrolet

The car is perfectly economical and has one of the highest Gen 3 Ecotec engines with all over manual control. The transmission is highly protective of the environment and is based on 27/34 mpg with city/hwy recordings. The car is available in form of a 5-door hatchback and wears a Pontiac nameplate which is also known as the G3.

Ford Focus Coupe:

The Focus coupe has been brought out with great style and brings a redesign in the form of an adventure for the current year. The traits are very beautiful and this is another car with which you will be satisfied with the high amount of environmental consciousness being emanated.

 sPhoto by damien.cansse

The Duatec incline with 4-cylinder engine as well as a super clean Emmissions Vehicle or the PZEV activation becomes one of the greatest super clean perks for Microsoft Sync system. This electronic control as well as tuning in mode is rather special and brings one of the greatest benefits that one could expect from this car. The seats in Focus are molded from nonpetroleum vegetable sources and thus bring high satisfaction in terms of ecological balance.

Honda Fit:

Honda Fit is yet another car that is small in stature but big on perks with varied options for working with peppy performance along with a high tech engineering complying with it. The center mounted fuel tank is all about newness coming with the alloy wheels as well as iPod integration.

 sPhoto by Nike SB’d

The wheels are 16 inch wide with great balance schemes and high efficacy being credited to this car overall. The Honda Fit is a lot of great qualities in just one body with its sticker price, resale value as well as great fuel quality. It is an investment that one would love with every moment.

Hyundai Accent:

The 3rd generation of Hyundai Accent is a great car with exhilarating features, high city/hwy rates which comes with 26/35 mpg. The car comes with optional automission as well as greatly reliable features.

 sPhoto by MSVG

The car is not going to disappoint you with its dependability and subcompact nature. The base responses are very good with all of the owners as well as dependable subcompact natures. The economic stature and high expectation from the car has been lived through by the company.

Mini Cooper:

This is one of the top mini vans in the US and probably one of the most demanded mini cars in the whole world. It is smart and sassy with awesome features and a very dependable record going for itself.

 sPhoto by themullett

It has some of the greatest credits going for itself with all its hot characteristics including the aluminum engine, the on/off ignition button stance, the high hp, air bags at the right places and overall a rather respectable fuel economy.


  • Micro car is a very useful necessity in todays recession period, coz it is economical as it uses less fuel, also in busy lanes these can be easily parked.

  • Micro cars are popular due to their small size.

  • these mini cars look so cool

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