• October 6, 2009

Top Affordable Classic Cars

Classic Cars

There are several affordable classic cars out there in the market that are bound to make your buy special. The following are some of the most wanted as well as economical classic cars that any classic car collector would love to treasure!

 sPhoto by RickM2007

1973 Aston Martin DBS Vantage:

This is one of the most incredible and highly voted classic cars that will take you to vintage early ‘70s and yet bring you enough panache and great co-ordination to let you be in style. It is one of the most special cars in the business, including the Trinity Aston Martin, Puddleduck, Oselli and others.

 sPhoto by wikimedia.org

It is a vintage beauty that will totally steal your heart and maintaining it is not that much of a hassle either. This car can keep really well under the basic requirements of looking after. It will provide you a dash and spell of great fortune when you bring it home!

De Tomaso Pantera Road Racer:

This model along with a high 822 BHP as well as 220 MPH is one of the most affordable classic cars of all times. This was also on wide sale during the early 1970s. It is a highly powered as well as humongous Ford SVO 540 Dual Dominator V8 which is quite colossal. The Junior Wilson has proved to be quite a safe investment with much going for the car in terms of speed trap and quality racing abilities.

 sPhoto wikimedia.org

It is not a very heavy car but has high acceleration and can even tackle itself safely in cases of high speed. The car is quit extensive as well with some of the greatest owning vehicles’ reputation.

1962 Pre-Proteus Jaguar C-Type:

This is quite like one of the 1970s versions pf the Jaguar C-type but then this dates even a decade further before, making it look rather odd. It has the 1962 Proteus look for sale. The founder of Proteus made it into a really attractive car with 4-speed manual gearbox as well as an overdrive one. Its rear end is quite interesting but however it is not possible with some one who is so detached for long to travel in it.

 sPhoto by Albert S. Bite

The initial band release however came with the introduction to Chesman Motor Sport along with excellent body work. It is a fabulous work with stable speeding up mechanism that anyone is going to treasure.

1957 Bentley S1 Saloon:

This is a fabulous car that is quite affordable and makes for an incredible classic car ownership. It is really great in terms of looks and maintenance. It is quite original in design and thought. You could jump right in and drive off anywhere. This is quite good with its chrome color, interesting hubcups and solid body with no rusting or signs of old age.

 sPhoto by nullnullminus

It has got a steel sunroof and an incredible exhaust system. It is quite interesting to note and has an original owner’s manual with built-in sheets and a handbook of maintaining this automated model. Overall this UK built model is one of the greatest things one could treasure.

Ford Mustang:

The world famous Ford Mustang is one of the classic American cars that still remains a favorite for most convertible lovers. It is quite low priced and comes with the quintessential 4.0L V6 engine. Its red hot body does not fail to draw attention even now with all the great features it still enjoys. With several other popular Ford models coming over in the release, the Ford Mustang is still one of highest demanded models in the planet.

 sPhoto by Harry.PD

The 2010 model has come with some rapid engineering developments but then the previous and older Ford Mustang models are all well desired by most due to their high quality and reasonable pricing.

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