• April 8, 2009

Top Seven Environmental-friendly and Fuel-efficient Vehicles

hybrid-carsEnvironmental-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles

Considering the higher fuel prices and increasing rates of environmental pollution, most of automakers are leaving no stone unturned to produce some really fuel efficient vehicles that may serve as the best alternative to better fight when gas prices are on rise again.

Almost all big automakers like Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Lexus and GMC are introducing more and more energy efficient vehicles with every passing day and  doing really worthwhile to protect environment from pollution and save considerable amounts of energy resources.

Let’s find out some top available fuel-efficient and environmental-friendly vehicles that have earned quite good name in this connection.

1) The Toyota Prius

It’s quite well-known as the most fuel efficient and environmental friendly vehicle available these days. Toyota Prius, with its reasonable price range and stable handling, was the first electric hybrid car that was put on mass production. It has an impressive mileage of 44m miles per gallon.


2) Toyota Highlander hybrid

It was in 2006 when Toyota first released its Highlander hybrid as the first Sun-urban hybrid vehicle. It was not only a nice addition in Toyota’s fuel efficient vehicles, but also reckoned as the first hybrid that could carry 7 passengers.  The model took a new look and design in 2008 that has a totally different chassis with an advance synergy driving system.


3) The Toyota Camry hybrid model

Toyota also produced its Toyota Camry as a hybrid model, it comes under luxury line of autos and it has been one of the highest selling vehicles in the US for the past 10 years aside from Toyota Corolla.


4) Honda Accord hybrid

The new Honda Accord that was introduced in North America in 2008 was quite significant from three aspects aside from its comely styling and better functionality, and these aspects are: new variable cylinder management system, dual chambered airbags for driver as well as for passengers and an interface dial controller. Now its new hybrid model has all those fuel efficient features and specs that can be very handy to attain maximum fuel efficiency and boost the surrounding environment in a friendlier way.


5) The Honda Civic

The Honda Civic was quite efficient not only price-wise, but also in its fuel efficiency when it was first introduced in 1972, during the past few years, it has been becoming more and more fuel efficient with the passage of time. Its first hybrid version was introduced back in 2003, and it was a real pleasure to a large number of hybrid auto fans. It has been made a lot more fuel efficient in the past few years.


6) The Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid

One of the most popular SUVs in the US markets these days is the Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet is quite satisfied with its own production of hybrid engines and the company has also introduced a hybrid pickup truck in the recent years as well. They have introduced their own hybrid pickup as the Silverado.


7) GMC Yukon Hybrid

The Yukon Hybrid has an hybrid engine that is a lot more fuel efficient than the Silverado or Tahoe, and it seems quite amazingly efficient to protect surrounding environment and save considerable greenbacks that you have to spend on fuels.


Dodge Durango, Ford Escape Hybrid, Nissan Altima and Mercury Mariner are some other vehicles that have been gaining good grounds in their fuel efficiency and environmental-friendliness for quite some time.

As Hybrid is being hyped as the future of auto industry, so we can soon expect a lot more fuel efficient and eco-friendly vehicles in the coming days.


  • Thank you very much for sharing this information. and I am happy to read this post and this will really helpful to reduce Air pollution and all the vehicle company should try to make environment friendly motors.

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