• November 10, 2009

Toyota 2010 Model Year with 4Runner Slate

2010 4Runner

The Toyota 2010 model year with 4Runner slate is going to bring some of the most interesting Stock Mini class that would mark the real entering into history.

 sPhoto by joyoendho

The 2010 Model Year 5th generation 4Runner has been one of the most interesting internationally known, model the SCORE Baja 1000. This also comes with the ability to cross over 672 miles at length. The traveling takes place for 31 hours with about great races coming over in the world to see. There are 325 entries all total in the competition that would totally create a wonderful last desert race in the season.

By the ending week of November 20-21, in Esenada, Mexico, there would be a seasoned reaction to the tests with the latest 4Runner with showcasing of the fresh capabilities of the new SUV. The durability of the SUV is going to be tested against the weather of the Mexican deserts with some of the extremely interesting mini class than the general grueling whole course.

This is also about Les Unger and Toyota national sports management in a better way.


  • Wow, nice long drive buddy 672 miles in 31 hours, I am tired.

  • beauitful!4 runner is the only car in the world that i love

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