• February 27, 2012

Toyota and Discovery Channel Promoting Safe Driving Via Life Behind the Wheels

Safe driving ensures safe life; working on this mission Toyota collaborated with Discovery Channel and Discovery Education and come up with an informative and awareness oriented educational program “Life Behind the Wheels” that will guide driver of all ages about benefits of safe driving habits.

MD and Chief Medical Expert for Discovery Channel said, John Whyte said, “We are proud to partner with Toyota for this important documentary. Safe driving is a life-long lesson. LIFE BEHIND THE WHEEL gives people critical information while highlighting important new strides in technology that are creating better drivers and saving lives along the way.”

Life Behind the Wheel 

Schedule of Life Behind the Wheels

Life Behind the Wheels will be telecasted on 3rd March (Sunday) at 8 a.m. e/p.

Purpose of “Life Behind the Wheels”

Unsafe driving habits have increased ratios of accidents on the roads which is really alarming. Many researches were conducted in this regard and their results were very astonishing, almost 70% of seats in cars for children are not installed properly and many teenagers die during car accidents. Some other factors also contribute towards mortality which includes texting during driving and changing of CDs/DVDs when vehicle is at high speed.

Group Vice President, National Philanthropy, Toyota Motor North America, Inc. Pat Pineda said, “At Toyota, safety is a priority in everything we do, we are focused on making sure drivers everywhere have the resources they need to keep their families, friends and loved ones safe and secure. Toyota’s partnership with Discovery Channel is significant and underscores our efforts to keep the roads safe for all.”

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