• February 25, 2010

Toyota and Lexus Models under Consumer Guide’s 2010 Best Buys

2010 Best Buys

5 Toyota and Lexus models earn their position under Consumer Guides 2010 best buy awards. There are still other 9 Toyota, Lexus and Scion models that have earned some of the best recommended status.

Photo by telokaspo

The editors of Consumer Guide had organized this innovative method with some of the most prestigious ways of getting these honors marked. The Best Buy and Recommended Awards include Toyota Prius mid-size hybrid as well. The full size Avalon sedan and Tacoma have received the honors to be under the Best Buy degrees.

The SUV has captured some of the top prizes with new models of achievement and recommendation. There has been overall value discerning when it comes to the Best Buy models. The vehicle performance, economy, reliability, easy of use, comfort and cost are all the necessary features that have been assessed in comparative degree to get the best out of these models. The review over 200 new vehicle models has revealed these results.

There are have pricing and analysis done over 18 vehicle categories that have earned their ways into the selected array. Over 42 years, “Consumer Guide” has been serving with some of the leading publications for car shoppers. Every year there are staffs of experienced automotive editors and reviews that are brought through proper assessment and value categorization.

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