• February 16, 2010

Toyota Camry Goes to the Owner of High Mileage Prius

Hybrid Camry

Australian Toyota released the Hybrid Camry with some incredible features coming along with their breakthrough innovation. The first Camry has been owned by the owner of the first hybrid Prius.

Photo by Toyota Australia

The owner will keep this second car as another prized car in the family. Colin and Eunice Elvy are the owners of both these cars. The family moved from New Zealand to Australia in late 2008.

They have brought their dear Prius from New Zealand and the new car is not speeding behind in popularity and charishma with a host of effective qualities to be put into gear. Colin said that the Prius was the best car they had won and they just could not leave it behind. The Prius has been super fast as well as smooth with multiple options in driving presented to them.

Eunice said that he had never enjoyed driving a car as much. They were just deciding to get another latest version of Prius when they found the Camri to be out in the market. So, after checking the neat details out, they had not hesitated at all to bring the Camri to their family.

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