• August 20, 2009

Toyota Ending Their Production at NUMMI

2009 Toyota MatrixNext March will see Toyota ending off their deal with producing anymore NUMMI. They are rounding off the campfire regarding further production of NUMMI in their California plant. The news have been released in Japan through the Asahi Shimbun and then circulated through Reuters.

A spokesperson from Toyota claims that no further decision has yet been taken but the news is on the high burners. The closing of the plant has been decided so far. The next year will see more progressions in regards to the plan. After more than a quarter century of production this plant is going to cease to operate. The suppliers have notified the plant that there will be no more plans to bring back work again next year.

 SCredit: autoblog

GM’s current contribution to this plant has been the work on Pontiac Vibe. This too officially ends this month bringing the movement of the Tacoma pick-up production to shift elsewhere. In San Antonio there is like to be the next assembly for production to start for the Tacoma. The Corolla will join the Matrix in Ontario for a common production plant there. They are also having joint factories in Japan.

Source: reuters

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