• March 10, 2011

Toyota has Redefined Its Global Vision


Toyota has revealed its global vision, this global automotive company wants to achieve annual sale of 10 million vehicles by 2015. Toyota has always strategized to achieve quality control, customer satisfaction and solid profits.Now Toyota has exposed its goal in numbers.Last year Toyota achieved the sales target of 8.42 million globally. It succeeded to over take GM motors that achieved the sales target of 8.39 million globally. Before this, GM motors was at no1in vehicle sales since 76 years.

Akio, the president of Toyota Motors said, “We want to make our customers happy”. You might be thinking what made the Toyota motors for this furious move? Actually recent recalls of its vehicles due to some issues, induced this global automobile company to redefine its vision as well to refine its quality control.

Toyota always acted on the strategy of “Total quality Management” in order to deliver World Class quality vehicles to its customers. That’s why it is keen to solve the quality issues in some of its vehicles and wants to retain its good will among global customers.

Sales target of 10 millions means more customers, in fact more satisfied customers. As Toyota is working on rapid growth strategy, hopefully it will achieve the desired target till 2015.

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