• February 4, 2010

Toyota is now ensuring the Customer’s Safety First

Toyota has just announced a new plan to get fix all the pedals of the recalled vehicles to bring safety for their customers. They will make a big effort to recover all the issues which can bring a good change in their market, as soon as possible.

Phtoo by " slick whit "

On Feb 1, 2010 Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc. announced this program, the experts from Toyota have created a solution to test the re-check the assembling of the pedals in such a way that it will remove the resistance which causes the pedal to stuck, happens rarely. Also, Toyota is bringing such improvements on the cars which are in production.

The parts to add force to pedals are already on the way to the dealers, in the meanwhile, the dealers are taking the trainings till they reach out. It is a huge campaign by Toyota, and the dealers have made the commitments to work day and night tirelessly to complete, even if it takes to be opened for the 24/7.

Toyota Motors has also stopped the production for 1 week to take action on the production cars which are affected. According to the officials, nothing matters to them more than the safety of their customers and the reliability of customers, on Toyota’s vehicles.

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