• July 10, 2012

Toyota is Supporting “Buckle Up for Life”

A Safety Educational Program of Cincinnati Children’s

Cincinnati Children’s is a renowned organization in the USA that is involved in pediatric and adolescent medicine, its recent research revealed that Hispanian Children and African American are among the most common victims of accidents especially in NewYork. Responding to these bitter facts, Toyota and Cincinnati Children publicized a partnership program “Buckle Up for Life”.

Buckle Up for Life

Buckle Up for Life is a safety education program for children. The aim of this initiative is to to protect children of minorities (African, American and Hispanic) from road injuries and death. This educational program was started in 2004 and now it is supported by leading organizations and companies and Toyota is shining among them.

Patricia Salas Pineda, group vice president of National Philanthropy and the Toyota USA Foundation of Toyota Motor North America said “At Toyota, we are strongly committed to the belief that everyone deserves to be safe, through our educational outreach. Collaborative Safety Research Center and numerous partnerships with the leading hospitals, nonprofits and research universities nationwide, Toyota is engaged extensively in programs that help ensure that drivers and passengers are safe at every stage of life. Buckle Up for Life is a vital commitment for Toyota, and we are proud to be working with the visionary medical staff at Cincinnati Children’s and with local hospital partners across the country to expand its reach.”

Founding director of Trauma Services at Cincinnati Children’s, Dr. Victor Garcia said “Years ago, a mother who was involved in a car crash in which her child died said something to me that to this day haunts me but also inspires me, ‘If I only knew, said, professor of pediatric surgery and a co-founder of Buckle Up for Life. The number of African American and Hispanic children dying unnecessarily in motor vehicle-related crashes is alarming, something I see first hand in my work as a trauma surgeon. This is a public health emergency that can be avoided and needs to be addressed. We know that safety education and access to car seats can make a major difference, and working with Toyota, we are glad to have the opportunity to help.”

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