• May 27, 2009

Toyota Prius Vs Honda Insight: a comparison

Toyota Prius Vs Honda Insight

The first thing comes in mind when someone thinks about hybrid is Toyota Prius, as this was, indeed, the car that boomed the popularity of Hybrid engines more than any other vehicle. Now the latest version of the Prius is being displayed by dealers. The new version can’t be reckoned as a radical update, but it is lot more powerful and with better fuel economy than the previous version.

The thing that you must keep in mind about the Prius is that Toyota, the world’s renowned name is behind the creation of this vehicle and the company seems to work quite hard regarding not to spoil the success of its previous model and develops a new car that is not quite radically change from the previous version.

There is the same Synergy hybrid system, but this time it comes up with a bit bigger engine that is a 1.8-liter four cylinder. Some reshaping has also been offered near the grille and around the hood that gives it a new design language. There is a floating console with shift lever and traditional layout that you couldn’t find in the previous version.

Hybrid Prius

However, the only vehicle that seems to give some tough time to Toyota Prius Hybrid is none other than Honda Insight. It is, indeed, quite remarkable with its navigation features and exceptional fuel economy. You will also find one of the best voice command system in this vehicle. However, the thing that makes it somewhat inferior to Toyota Prius is its less power and low fuel economy.

Toyota hybrid Prius

The baggage around the Prius makes it somewhat less desirable, as you wouldn’t find it a vehicle that you ride on within golf clubs and this car has been endorsed by celebrities and environmentalists and it leads to backlash like South Park episode.

Toyota Prius

These two cars seem to stand out in the hybrid crowd, but it doesn’t mean some other good wrestlers are not working out there, as there are many others like who seem to do nicely in this connection . These vehicles include the Nissan Altima Hybrid, Lexus RX 450h and Ford Fusion Hybrid.


However, these given autos can’t be reckoned as really dedicated hybrids vehicles and none of them seem to go head to head with Insight or Prius, as both these vehicles are ruling the hybrid world right now and both seem equally competent in their respective sphere.

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