• October 26, 2009

Toyota Prius with Japanese Wins

The recent most powerful Japan Automobile Manufacturer’s Association or JAMA has some of the greatest Toyota’s 3rd generation Prius winning capability with the ranking of the prestigious 30th Japan Car of the year. The finals of judging occurred in the 41st Tokyo International Motor Show with some of the greatest Japanese cars participating in the finals.

 sPhoto by Which? Car

Prius has been named the greatest Japanese Car of the year with the original snow cap award debuting from 1997-1998. There have been over 433 votes in the way for Prius and even get it narrowed to 42 votes and come off to close finishes. There have been 61 journalists with some industrial representatives and some of the greatest live and final tally at the media day coming over for the Tokyo Show.

The 3rd generation Prius has been one of the best selling cars in Japan in the last 5 months. There have been some incredible figures coming in the form of Automobile Dealers Association or JADA and even reached the highest sales of 31,758. This sales peaking reached in September with some of the highest automobile racing competitions propelling its sales in Japan.

According to JADA, the new-generation Prius has been reinvented with the new transition for passenger cars as well as conventional power of hybrid delivery.


  • Wow, Pirus is still on the winning track

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