• July 8, 2011

Toyota Teen Driver-Collaborative work of Toyota and Discovery Education

Toyota and Discovery Education publicized the winners and prizes for the winners of “Toyota Teen Driver Educator’s Challenge”, this challenge assigned the tasks to teachers to develop three 90 minute project that should be beneficial to the students of high schools and will teach them safety lessons for driving. It was decided that the winning projects and lessons will serve as public message about secure teen driving for schools and societies of winners.

Group Vice-president of national philanthropy and the Toyota USA Foundation, Patricia Salas Pineda said, “Toyota is dedicated to saving the lives of teen drivers, and recognizes the critical role that educators and schools can play in their awareness of safe driving behaviors. With Discovery Education, we congratulate the winners of the Toyota Teen Driver Educators’ Challenge and all those who participated for their commitment to safety.”

The winner of grand prize will also get a free of cost “Toyota Driving Expectations” event for their home society, it is an open program for teen age drivers and their mom and dad and since 2004 it has facilitated over 18,000 contributors. A part from basic lessons of safe driving, “Toyota Driving Expectations” also educate the teen about the hurdles of actual world, situations and disruptions in a secure and organized driving environment.

The Educator’s Challenge is of the example of collaborative program of Toyota and Discovery Education. “Toyota Teen Driver” intends to offer sources to schools, educators, parents and teens to assist and teach youngsters and keep them safe and sound while driving.

Vice President of education partnerships of Discovery Education Mary Rollins said, “Discovery Education is a firm believer in not only educating students on subjects inside the classroom, but teaching important lessons outside the classroom as well. The Educators’ Challenge is an exciting and effective way to get communities involved in promoting safe teen driving habits and teaching teens the consequences of distracted driving.”

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