• September 7, 2010

Toyota Trying to Change their Perception via Ad blitz

Toyota which is one of the major auto developers of the world has faced many bad times due to the accelerator issues in some of its major problems. The safety issues in Toyota’s major models have developed a very wrong perception in the minds of people and that is the Safety of company’s models tends to be weak.

Now the company is trying to washout this concept from the minds of people as this has badly affected the company’s sale rate in the previous year. The Toyota Division has now decided to change their previous image by shifting their focus on the safety concerns in their advertisement.

According to Bob Carter, Toyota Division general manager “What we’re dealing with is a perception issue, and brand perceptions are not brand realities” and further “If a customer has removed us from their consideration list, it was because of a perception of Toyota safety.”

So for bringing its status back to the good one, Toyota has to put on a lot of effort and must realize their customers that the coming products are completely safe and no security issues will arise in the future.

While discussing on this issue, Bill Fay who took over in May as Toyota group vice president of marketing said that “We’re going to evolve from kind-of apologizing to being a bit more confident and reassuring in the QDR [quality, durability and reliability] that got us this far”.

So Now we have to see what Toyota will do to change its image from the minds of people and achieve a good sale rate for its future products.

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