• February 5, 2010

Toyota Unveils Reports of January Sales

Toyota has sold over 83’279 vehicles in the month of January, with a decrease in sales for about 12%, than the January of the last year. Toyota has terminated the sales of 8 vehicles which were faulty for their accelerator pedals recall, it was effecting badly on the sales and the brand’s identity.

This is also a reason for the less sales in this January. If we combine the productions and sales of those suspended models, it totals about 60% of the total inventory; where as the Lexus Division has announced the increased sales with 14.2%, by selling 15’517 units.

The Toyota Division calculated the sales of total 52’616 units, decreasing to 5% than the last January. Camry and Camry Hybrid cars were sold 15’792 units combined. Toyota’s small trucks sold 30’663 units in the month of January, with a good sales rate of RAV4, the compact SUV sold 7’894 units and Venza sales reported are 3’564 units in January.

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