• October 26, 2009

Toyota with 2 Concepts being Revealed at 2009 Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota Motor Corporation or TMC has announced dual concepts about vehicles, their highlights as well as different kinds of Toyota exhibitions that bring about the celebration of the 41st Toyota Motor Show. The TMC has indeed joined hands with unveiling of variety of concepts that come with vehicles of groundbreaking technology.

 sPhoto by Toyota USA

The latest automobile possibilities come with the common theme of the previous Tokyo Motor Show that comes with Harmonious Drive. This has been a new drive meant for the latest Harmonious Drive concept for Tomorrows’ People and the Planet. This is quite so in the harmony of society with Toyota’s whole expression about their business and service potentiality.
The displays of features about environment friendly concepts also bring about electrical vehicle or EV concepts that come with suitable short distance trips and distinctions.

There is great joy and even pride in ownership with such a supercar like this. The environment features are some of the most interesting aspects of such a motor vehicle can bring. Whether there are short distance vehicles and other heavy displayed vehicles, with some compact features as well as super driving sports abilities. The two concepts that come into play here are FT-86 Concept as well as FT-EV II concept with the Future Toyota electric vehicle coming as ultra urban and posh.

The TMC will be displayed in the Tokyo Motor Show and would bring about the concept of vehicles through virtual marketing website featuring some of the greatest virtual features regarding city travel. The Tokyo Motor Show is open to the public from October 24th to November 4th.

The display vehicles have a compact rear wheel drive sports car that brings joy and excitement of its own and is apparent from its performance.


  • cool model

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  • U know concept is concept, it will take time to come into reality, any way looking good

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