• July 28, 2010

Toyota with their Ten Years of Prius Celebration

Toyota is now on tenth mega celebration year of the launch of Prius. Ten years back Toyota launched the Prius in North America which made its first affordable hybrid cars. The gas or electric powered vehicle has followed through the indelible mark on the automotive industry. This car meant for signature wedge sharp along with provision of changes brought through car industry.

Photo By toyotaeitos@yahoo.in

Toyota brought these wonderful changes that created a new revolution in the form of fresh technologies used for automotive industrial changes. The innovative ideas have come as a catalyst for new changes across the world in terms of new hybrid cars. Over 1.8 millions have been sold in this time with 900,000 being sold in US alone. Toyota has been claimed to be the most sustainable and innovative transportation company that has created immense changes in car building technology in the last decade.

Jim Litz, the president of Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc., has reported that these realizations have proven to be effective through the profound services Toyota has been bringing to the people. Without Prius the future of hybrid cars would not have been made to be this high. There have been additional developments and benefits that have come through differing variations.

Toyota Prius has stood out in technology over several average cars that have been estimated in the past few years. The new changes in atmosphere have demanded for a more evolved hybrid car which the Prius has been able to bring out in satisfactory ways.

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