• April 2, 2013

Trailer Security – Security Precautions

As with everything these days, it is incredibly important to consider security with your trailer. Now you may be questioning why you need to take security precautions. Surely, if the car is secure, then the trailer will also be secure. However, this is most definitely not the case. Trailers are very easy to steal. It’s a simple as unhooking it from the owner’s car and attaching it to your own then driving off. So it seems only logical to take extra precautions. But, I hear you asking, where can I find suitable safety devices for my trailer, and what are my options? That’s exactly what I hope to answer in this article.

So to answer the question of where. I would recommend the company Indespension. They supply a wide range of suitable products at affordable prices, and they have a large number of shops all over the country.

Trailer SecurityAs for the what, there are two major options to prevent theft. The first is the wheel clamp. Wheel clamps are great, because they are solid, sturdy, and once placed on the wheel, the trailer becomes completely immobile. This is a great way to deter theft as trailers are hard to lift and hard to move if their wheels aren’t mobile. It is also nearly impossible to remove a wheel clamp, so the appeal of selling on or personal use is diminished.

To be extra safe, it may also be a good Idea to use a shroud lock. This means that as well as not being able to move the wheels, the potential thief shouldn’t be able to detach it from the car. By this point, it is more effort than it is worth to try to steal the trailer.

However, if you would like to be extra safe (you never know – some thief’s are really persistent), you could also install a data tagging system – a small attachment to your trailer which will allow you to track it if it is stolen. It will also cause potential buyers to avoid it because it will be more obvious that it has been stolen.

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