• May 11, 2018

How to Guide – Transportation of Luxury Vehicles

How to Guide – Transportation of Luxury Vehicles

Luxury cars always need that little bit of extra care and attention, to ensure they’re treated in the manner deserving of their status and the brand. Whether you’re looking to arrange delivery of a new Lamborghini or want to arrange transportation from the UK to take your classic Ferrari with you on holiday, arranging a premium covered trailer service, featuring hard sides for additional security and protection, is always an ideal solution. You can rest assured your precious vehicle will be transported with the utmost protection and security to its final destination.

Bespoke and luxury car transport is a specialist service, as you will require a covered transporter to ensure the protection of your exclusive vehicle throughout the journey. Many of the specialist, luxury car transportation companies offer a complete delivery service which will include a full inspection of the vehicle on the collection and a customized one-to-one handover service on delivery.

Your specialist car transportation service can also include extras, such as vehicle care and valeting during the procedure and battery charging. Very often the luxury car transporter will offer these services, however, don’t be afraid to ask if they are not a regular feature. Car transporters understand the value of luxury cars and will appreciate any concerns you may have.

Vehicle Tracking & Security:

All drivers of car transporters have the discretion that’s needed to ensure complete security of your luxury car throughout the transportation process. Many providers offer vehicle tracking so you can keep a watchful eye on the whereabouts of your luxury car. Many transportation companies will offer a complete delivery service throughout the EU and beyond, including delivering cars to Russia, Greece or Turkey.

Professional car transportation providers have the ability to move just one, or many cars, within the same day. And deliveries can be arranged to any location, even when there is limited available access. You can usually choose from a wide range of available transporters, which is likely to include single car transporters right up to covered multi-car transporters. Trade plates will also be available if you require your luxury vehicle to be driven, and you can be assured that all driving is carried out in the safest manner, to ensure the protection of your exclusive vehicle.

Car Dealers:

Companies looking to arrange delivery of new, luxury vehicles for their fleet will find it extremely economical to rent a transporter for the handover of the entire range of new vehicles. Car transportation providers work with main dealers and lease companies to provide the delivery service that’s needed by any business that’s pressed for time. The complete inspection upon collection will be an added protection for businesses and will ensure that there is no damage to vehicles when they are handed over to the transporters – any damages will be recorded and highlighted to the dealer at the time of collection. Professional proof of delivery paperwork is highly likely to include electronic proof of delivery, utilizing handheld PDA technology. The complete security of any fleet of new company vehicles will be guaranteed throughout the delivery process, making this a quick and easy method of arranging delivery of new vehicles to the business location.

It doesn’t matter whether you need to transport your classic car or an exclusive Lamborghini. The available teams working with professional car transportation providers take the same amount of care over each and every vehicle that is booked in for the service. Discreet and professional trailer and transporter drivers will be on hand at all times throughout the delivery process to ensure the complete security of vehicles entrusted to the service. All vehicles will be delivered in the exact same condition as they were in when they were collected unless additional car care solutions have been booked. The complete inspection carried out upon collection of vehicles is in place to protect owners and the car transportation business, and any damages spotted on the collection will be fully recorded and itemized.

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