• April 17, 2009

Two Really Impressive Used Car Values

cadillac-sts-2007-efficient-used-carTwo Most Efficient Used Cars

If you want to have some really impressive used car with loads of edgy looks and stylishness, the Cadillac STS is a real thing for you with its great features and impressive functionality.

Cadillac STS

People, who have been driving Mercedes and BMWs, will definitely find the STS a staggering value if they give it a try once. On a 1-10 scale, this car was rated at 7.5 by some most cynical critics, while those who own STS often rate it 9 or 10.

The STS five-passenger sedans line emerged with its loads of options in 2007. Its three V6 models came up with a 2.6-liter powerhouse that could boost 255hp with 27mpg highway and 18mpg city fuel economy, while the three V8 models had a 4.6-liter engine that produced 320hp an offered 15/23;17/27 rates on AWD.


Power controlled windows and locks, satellite radio, CD/AM/FM combo audio system, daytime running and fog lamps, power front seats with various adjustment levels, double zone and automatic control for climate settings and heated mirrors were some standard features in the line.


The STS has 38.7” front and 37.9” rear head room measuring, while 42.6-inches and 38.3-inches are the measurement for leg room respectively. There were two included remotes in the STS that could be used to open the doors as well as start it. Similarly, these models were available with complete air bag protection system.


There was a 6-speed auto transmission in the 2007 Cadillac STS V8 models and as a CTS sedan stretched version, STS was available in 254-hp V6 and 320-hp V8 models as well as a high-performance STS-V with a 469-hp supercharged V8. During 2007, the V8-powered Cadillac STS models were available with price tags of more than $50,000, and now nearly $30,000 has disappeared out of its value.

Ford F-150

It was quite well-known as the best-selling vehicle of Ford in the US and it was in 2007 when it emerged with a nice navigation system. SuperCrew, crew cab, extended SuperCab and regular cab versions of the F-150 have been emerged time by time. All these versions have four doors.

2007-Ford F-150-used-suv

On regular cabs and super cabs the rear doors are rear hinged and couldn’t independently open in fronts. The SuperCrews and Extended cabs can house more than six passengers on their rear bench seat. They have 5.5 and 6.5ft cargo-bed lengths while it is 8 ft for regular as well as super cabs.


There are flush-fender stylesides in all boxes, while you will also find bulged-fender Flareside in the 6.5. They feature a 4.2-liter V6 that produces 202-hp, 4.6-liter V8 with 248-hp and 5.4V8 engines with 300-hp. You will find the V8 model offering 4-Wheel drive with low gearing range and standard ABS.


One of the most costly vehicles of the line was available $35,000 when new, but today you can get it in less than $15000 on some trade-in. You may also succeed to get some other grand if directly sell it to some other person.

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