• April 20, 2009

UK Government Announces £250m Incentive Program for Electric Cars

electric-carTo bring more and more electric cars and plug-in on the British roads, the UK government has unveiled an incentive program worth £250m.

One can get rebates of over £5,000 to buy some plug-in hybrid or fully electric car and that is being considered the heart of this incentive program.

Various auto companies Nissan, GM and Mitsubishi are quite happy with the announcement. Different Japanese automakers thinking to introduce battery electric cars in the coming years and similarly, General Motors is also planning to launch its Vauxhall Ampera during the next year.

Vehicles with full electronic functionality likes of Mitsubishi iMiEV and Ampera have been particularly targeted in this program. The program is not focused on the current low speed cars as of Indian-made G-Wiz.


Aside from offering subsidizes on electric vehicles, the UK government is trying make life somewhat easier and smooth for the drivers of electric vehicles and have put them in many different outlets of public charging.

Nearly £20m of this project will be spent to build out the infrastructure of charge points in the country. So, you need to expect a lot of electric cars on the British roads in the coming few years as well as new charging station for these vehicles to keep them running.

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