• August 4, 2011

Upcoming 2012 HRC NSF250R Carries True Racing Spirit

American Honda Motor Co, Inc. has announced the 2012 HRC NSF250R; it is the latest one from the house of Honda especially for the U.S.A. This upcoming NSF250R is particularly developed for the FM GP road racing competition in the Moto 3 class. 2012 HRC NSF250R is equipped with enhanced liquid cooled one-cylinder 249cc 4-stroke engine which is mainly designed for the purpose of racing. 2012 HRC NSF250R which will also become an internationally spread model is also expected to be part of USGPRU Moto 3 as well as WERA Motorcycle road racing in America. A part from this, it will also become a legal part of many other events of local racing.

Assistant Manager Honda Riders Club of America (HRCA Keith Dowdle said, “This is a great opportunity for people who want to start road racing with a full-on track bike. Now riders have the option of buying a purpose-built race-ready motorcycle right out of the box, as an alternative to modifying a street bike—all at a reasonable price. Just as off-road riders can purchase and race one of our full-on CRF450R or CRF250R motocross bikes, now road racers have the means to buy a race-ready track bike.”

Technological Highlights of 2012 HRC NSF250R

  • With high charging efficiency, 2012 HRC NSF250R features front intake and back exhaust configuration and outline of engine along with the cylinder slanted back 15 degrees to deliberate the mass.
  • To produce well-built power all over the high-rpm range, the NSF250R integrates titanium valves for intake as well as exhaust to trim down roughness and reduces the valve train.
  • Additionally, the design trim downs resistance among piston and cylinder and advances strength by equalizing the cylinder centerline and applying nickel silicon carbide (Ni-SiC) for the cylinder facade treatment.
  • The cassette gearbox design was chosen for rapid and trouble-free gearset modification for the close-ratio, 6-speed transmission, thus let gear assortment to be optimized over a great diversity of racing circuits.
  • It’s frivolous, in proportion machine presents inspiring power output and outstanding management to attain a great mix of high performance and rider-friendly attributes well suitable to racers.

Availability of 2012 HRC NSF250R

The NSF250R will become on-hand to dealers of Honda Motorcycles who desire to become certified NSF250R dealer and its delivery is expected till February 2012.

MSRP of 2012 HRC NSF250R

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of 2012 HRC NSF250R is US $28,599.

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