• March 13, 2012

Used Honda’s in the UK

Photo by modenadude

Since its first introduction in 1973, the Honda Civic has had a long history as one of the most popular compact cars. Some years the Honda Civic model will feature significant changes while other years only see minimal changes. Regardless of the changes, consumers know they are getting a quality vehicle when they purchase a used Honda Civic.

The Civic model released in 2003 is fairly similar to previous models with some slight differences. Again, the 2003 Civic can be obtained in a hatchback model. The car is also more compact than previous years. 9 inches have been shaved off it length.  The 2003 model features some changes to the interior with new fabric choices. Another notable change is that the headrests in the back seat can now be adjusted for the comfort of your backseat passengers.

There are different trim packages that come with the 2003 Honda Civic. These are the DX, LX, EX, HX and Hybrid models. Of these packages, the very basic would be the DX. It offers very few amenities for the Honda Civic. You can however find all the models available on sites such as motors.co.uk. This also translates to a cheap sticker price when buying one off of a used car lot. The only power accessory in the DX package would be the windows. The stereo system is quite basic and the seats are upholstered in a simple cloth. The middle level trim package would be the LX which features many more options. It comes with power accessories, more choices in cloth fabric, four spoke steering wheels, CD players and more.

The top scale trim package is the EX. Comprised of standard features, the EX package also offers drivers leather seats and steering wheel. It also comes with a moon roof, power seats and navigational systems. This is also the same package for the Hatchback HX and Hybrid models of the ’03 Civic.

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