V10 Rifle

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 V10 RifleThe V10 rifle is one of the small vehicles that will come as a very powerful system. It stays gently unhinged with the look of a Viper-engined motorbike.

The German turner Manhart has a wedged 5.0 liter, 550 bhp sourced V10. This has been turned into BMWBMW Z4. The roadster weighs about 1,450 kgs and comes with an amazing power-to-weight ratio of 379 bhp every tonne. This statistics shows that it is more powerful than Ferrari Scuderia. The Manhart Z4 will have about 62 mph and run in 3.9 seconds. It will work with a sneaky removal of 155 mph liter and even run close to 220 mph.

The V-10 powered roadster is to debut in Frankfurt motorshow this month. People who have been following this newly released car has found that the best part of the car has been its rims and the power bite that has been increased in recent times.

Source: topgear

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