• September 16, 2010

V8 Race Experience

V8 Supercars are touring car racing category based event which happens all across Australia. They run as an International Series under the Federation Internationale de l’ Automobile (FIA) regulations.

In all the states of Australia the V8 Supercars event takes place except Western Australia. Several rounds are also carried out in New Zealand, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. V8 supercars are also known for drawing huge crowds because of its popularity all over. V8 Supercars have gained popularity over the last few years and has been also considerably followed in New Zealand besides Australia. Due to the world of media and television it’s continuing its popularity all across the world.

The V8 Supercars are the ultimate machines to have a Rally driving experience on. It surely raises the racing experience to a new level altogether. Now thanks to adrenalin the fans of the V8 supercars have a chance of getting inside the car and have a real rally driving experience. Adrenalin provides us to drive from the whole range of the V8 supercars which can be driven on some of the best known race tracks across Australia.

Adrenalin is providing an opportunity for the V8 Supercars to get hold of it and have a realistic Rally Driving experience. Under this whole new concept the total experience includes training by an expert guiding with instructions which could show the finer points in handling the V8 supercars. The instructor would also teach all the techniques used while cornering, apexes and exiting, acceleration with timely braking, gear changing, steering and other requirements while the supercars are actually used on the race tracks.

All in all this would give the experience of the actual on field rally driving to the driver. It has some great car controls which are especially built in for the cars which would also be taught while finishing of with a hot lap around the circuit. Providing a first hand driving experience of the real world of Rally driving it surely promises to be great fun indeed.

So all the racing lovers out there what are you waiting for? Just book your V8 race experience today and get closest to the world of Rally Driving. You also have an option of buying a gift voucher for your friends and relatives they will surely cherish.

Thus you can’t get an opportunity to get closer to the rally driving experience than this.

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