• September 28, 2011

Value for Money-The Best 10 SUV’s

Man’s love for Automobiles never die. Everyone dreams and desires to own that prefect Utility Vehicle. The choices are endless. Users have different perspective while buying them, some want the sporty trendy ones while others go for speed, some of them want the exotic and luxury one. We are trying to look into those SUVs which are economical and worth the price, still having all the features of a SUV car which is fuel efficient as it’s easy to manage these cars thus not burning holes in the pockets especially on the fuel cost which is reaching alarming heights. In short a common man’s everyday Car. An all rounder.

Today we just look into the 10 SUV’s which are good and worth the buy.

Acura MDX

Honda’s latest Acura MDX is a car worth the buck. Ranks among the top SUV’s. Comfortable, luxurious and affordable in comparison to the prevailing SUVs in the market. Aimed again for large groups this 7 sweater is spacious and affordable. Kids can be easily accommodated in the back. With its 3.7L 300HP V8 engine it gives good speed. It is fuel efficient with ratings of 16 mpg city/21 mpg highway. Driving an Acura MDX is more of a fun ride and more suited for Urban and City roads .Sophisticated and High tech attractive interiors make this one even more desirable.

Chevy Traverse

It has been ranked at No 3 in the survey comprising of 23 Affordable compact SUVs survey SUV’s. An affordable midsize SUV whose main selling point is that it can accommodate up to 8 people with ease. Even the 3rd row seat allows an adult seating making it so spacious and roomy. A car that would be preferred by the large families. The Chevy Traverse is like a minivan in the form of an SUV with impressive, distinctive and modern exteriors as well as interiors. With a powerful 3.L V6 engine it makes 281 horsepower, has a tow capacity of 5200pound and has a rating of 17 mpg city/24 mpg highway. With its Standard Pricing the Chevy is a good choice for those who require space.

Ford Flex

When we talk of refinement the Ford Leaves no stones unturned when it comes to this high tech stylish smart sporty Luxury car the ‘Ford Flex’. It offers classy interiors and comfortable room space all including the 3rd row (adults) seat as well with handy refrigerator and power lift gate. The ford Flex is a super performer with an optional EcoBoost V6 engine, 355 horsepower giving an impressive acceleration and has received fuel rating of 16 mpg city/21 mpg highway. This is a complete package. All this is for a high price but real value for money. If it id style and and sophisticated that interests you look no further, pay the price and get it.

Chevy Equinox

Ranked at No. 2 in the survey of 23 Affordable compact SUVs, the Chevy manages to charm the buyers with its simplicity. It is absolutely worth the costs compared to the SUV’s in its range. The Chevy Equinox really boasts of spacious, roomy and attractive interiors like Cargo trays which makes it popular among the buyers who prefer such type of family SUV. The base model with its four-cylinder engine is slightly slower in terms of speed, an average performer. The fuel economy is slighter on the lower side with 21/28 mpg city/highway. Talking of economy the second generation Chevy Equinox is a decent pick.

Toyota RAV4

The most economical and comfortable car for any family Priced quite moderately this 7 sweater is spacious and has accommodation for 3rd row seat as well, fuel efficient and its 4 cylinder V6 engine gets a rating of 22mpg at city and 28 mpg on highway. It can tow 3500 pounds, that’s pretty decent. Though the interiors are not that remarkable as compared to its competitors, it’s a nice and gives you more of a car feeling than a SUV. It’s a car that will make you happy. Drive smooth, drive easy with the Toyota RAV4.

2011 Honda CR-V

Ranked at No 2 slot among the 23suvs in an Affordable compact SUV survey, there is a lot this Car is offering. It is simple, modest, cute, family friendly, smooth with fuel economy, roomy and spacious, all at a good cost. It’s like a Jack of all kind of Car as it has taken the little good qualities of all cars packed into the Honda CR-V, the practical car. It may not have all the qualities of a Luxury SUVs but sure is an everyday car.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Leaving the urban style, city roads and highways and if you are adventurous or rather live on hilly terrain or snow, then here’s a car designed especially for you.. Whatever you want in a jeep like rock crawling, terrain capability, room space, comfort and mud slogging is all very well designed and set in this big midsized SUV.With a powerful V8 engine, it has a towing capacity up to 7500 pounds. Rated at 290 hp the V6 gets 16 mpg city/22 mpg highway. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is for the bold and the fearless as it’s made for the mountains and snow clad areas, be bold and hold on to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. You won’t be disappointed.

Infiniti QX56


When luxury and family friendly car is what you want, then the Infiniti QX56 may the ultimate choice. It is stylish, trendy and has high quality interiors giving it that desirable look. Gives you more of a luxury feeling. With its 400-horsepower V8 engine, all-weather all-wheel drive, heated steering wheel, 10-way power seats you don’t need anything else. It has been compared to the Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes GL450.The review is that it has a mix of both and the result is awesome. It lack room space hence can’t be used for cargo or hauling as it has not been designed for that. It’s for those who prefer sleek trendy Car and as such not a heavy duty utility car.

Chevy Tahoe

Know to be the most fuel efficient car this is a range on the road. The Chevy Tahoe is majestic and known for its rugged line super styling. With its Vortec 5.3L V8 engine it delivers 320 hp, and 335 lb.-ft of torque, has a powerful towing capacity of 8500 pounds, rated 15 mpg city/21 mpg highway and boast of great fuel economy. The Tahoe has ample room space and is a comfortable 9 seater.Thats really big enough and something a large family is looking for. What more can we ask? Chevy is the ultimate choice, can handle any task with ease giving you the best results.

Ford Expedition EL

Here comes a monster on the road. Truly its name means it the all New Ford Expedition EL where EL stands for Extended Length. In 2005 Ford had come with the Ford Excursion. After 6 long years it comes with a successor with more or less the same features to its predecessor except for the fact that the Expedition is almost 14.8 inch stretch towards the rear which makes it uniquely large and accommodative. Powered with a 5.4 liter V8 engine that delivers 300 horsepower at 5,000 rpm. Has a towing capacity of 9000pounds. Ford has been always known for the safety steps they take and here again Safety has been given high priority. Welcome this new monster for the road.

Different SUVs’ with different purposes. Each unique and classy in its own way to suit different situations. But pricing and budgeting is purely personal choice, as every need and financial status differs from buyers to buyers but they ensure that they buy what is worth the price. Now the decision is yours which one are you going to pick for the buck?

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