• September 25, 2014

Vehicle Safety Inspections

Vehicle Safety Inspections

Many states require vehicle safety inspections. Typically, these types of inspections are conducted by authorized agencies in order to ensure that vehicles operated on the roads and highways are in safe and operable condition. Like many other states, Pennsylvania mandates vehicle safety inspections. Pennsylvania’s vehicle safety inspection program is designed to promote highway safety as well as prevent poor emissions, reducing pollution produced by vehicles on the road.

Aside from an emissions test to reduce pollution and maintain clean air on the highways, Pennsylvania mandates a vehicle safety inspection in order to promote highway safety and keep drivers safe on the roads throughout the state. This inspection includes a testing of the vehicle’s braking system, suspension, steering and lighting as well as the tires, wheels and the electrical system.

Clean air is usually not associated with car driving, but Pennsylvania strives to maintain its vehicles through a vehicle inspection programming.Although clean emissions are promoted by the State of Pennsylvania, not all counties deem it mandatory for vehicles to undergo an emissions test. Not only does such a program reduce emissions but it also mandates that vehicles in need of repairs are repaired prior to getting back on the road. The same can be said of vehicles that do not pass safety inspections. Vehicles identified as unsafe must also receive the necessary repairs prior to getting back on the road. With safety and emissions as the primary goals of such a program, Pennsylvania mandates that drivers undergo these inspections of their vehicles at a certified PENNDOT inspection station.

Upon successful completion of the vehicle safety inspection, the official inspection station should issue a state inspection sticker. The state inspection sticker should be displayed on the right hand side of the windshield. The vehicle safety inspection sticker does not take the place of the vehicle registration sticker.

For Pennsylvania state inspection, an official PENNDOT inspection station must conduct the inspection and issue the sticker. To find a local safety inspection station, one example of where to check would be with the certified technicians at Western Pennsylvania Toyota Service Centers.

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