• April 1, 2011

Very Very V…..Prius V is about to Launch

Toyota suffered huge loses due to catastrophe of Japan. This leading car manufacturer is facing problems in the manufacturing of its up-coming vehicles. Toyota announced that it will release couple of new models this year, but due to shortage of parts launch of some cars and other vehicles has been postponed to next year. Toyota fans will be sad to listen this but there is good news for them as well. Toyota Prius V 2011, which is much-awaited car from the house of Toyota, will be launched in the summer of 2011.

Toyota Prius V

You might be thinking what major changes Toyota has done with this very very v….Prius V. If you compare it will third generation Prius, you will find it more spacious. Yes! It has 50% more cargo space than the last one. Do not just consider it a car; it will serve you more than a car does. It is equipped with infotainment system and Etune 2. Are you familiar with this term Etune 2? It’s a breakthrough in the field of car entertainment system. This system will provide you variable mobile apps. Hence, you and your family will not get bore in long distance travelling. Toyota Prius V is a complete family car. Kids can happily accommodate inside this valuable model of Toyota. Its rear seats can be easily stretched out and slither.

This stylish and smart car was un-veiled by president of Toyota Motor Corp at the Detroit Auto Show. It will be readily available in summers of 2011. Don’t be so desperate; just wait for couple of month for this roomiest member of Toyota Prius family.

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