• September 7, 2009

Volkswagen for Mainstream America

VolkswagenThe latest range from Volkswagen hopes to expand the greatness of their business expansion through attracting mainstream American crowd. They are broadening their appeal as well as promotional base.

Their product outline is all about bringing in more enthusiasm to the American crowd appeal while keeping their core strong. After the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accords this particular brand is all set to move on to new set boundaries for its ambitious new grounds.

The fresh boost in sales are to be expected coming from the American crowd bringing in new flavor to the country. This German company is thus making products with American tastes in their mind. The 2008 sales records worldwide has been 6.2 millions but the current order of plan is all about getting the sales higher to 10 million by 2018. This should be through 800,000 cars a year to the American market alone.

Source: msnbc.msn

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