• January 19, 2016

Should You Consider A Volvo For Your Next Car? Hint: The Answer Is YES!

Should You Consider A Volvo For Your Next Car? Hint: The Answer Is YES!

I know what you’re thinking. When you go out to buy a car, you seldom think about buying a Volvo. After all; they aren’t a brand that would cater to your demographic. Or so you thought!

It’s no secret that Volvo has had money troubles in recent years. Everyone knows that Volvo is a “safe” brand in all senses of the term. But, safety can also be a company’s downfall. Because they didn’t come up with any fresh designs in a while, people were going elsewhere.

Many former Volvo owners defected to BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz for premium cars. These days Volvo has undergone an image makeover. They want to appeal to a whole host of different markets. It looks like their new strategy is starting to pay off for them!

So, the question remains: should you consider a Volvo for your next car? In a word, yes! Let me give you a few reasons why:

You’re more likely to survive a collision in a Volvo

The good news for people that like to stay safe on the roads is that Volvo is a brand for them. They’ve come up with many safety innovations over the years, one of which is the seat belt. They are a brand that has always put safety first when designing their cars.

All the latest Volvo models do quite well in NCAP and Euro NCAP crash tests. So, it matters not if you’re travelling solo or with your family in tow. A Volvo will keep you and your passengers safe and out of harm’s way.

Used models get looked after by their owners

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a used Volvo that looks tired and ready for the scrap heap! There’s an unwritten rule about Volvos: you must take care of them well!

Aside from that fact, most Volvo cars are pretty reliable even if you happen to miss a service.

Volvo cars

Image by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association 

New models are affordable

I was browsing www.harratts.co.uk last night and noticed something interesting about brand new Volvos. They are actually quite affordable! I’m not saying they are “cheap” because we all know that Volvo is a premium car maker.

What I’m saying is that they are more within most people’s price ranges than say a BMW or an Audi.

The model line-up is only going to get better

One of Volvo’s revamped new models is the XC90. It looks modern, fresh and ready for any challenges their owners throw at them. The Swedish car giant has plans to create more new models based around the XC90 design ethos.

In other words, newer Volvo cars will look even cooler and perform even better than existing ones!

Volvo has joined Club Hybrid

It’s no secret that car owners look for ways to cut their driving costs. One such example is to drive a hybrid vehicle. You’d use electric power for short, local journeys and a diesel or petrol engine for longer ones. The engine would also charge the batteries that power the electric motor.

Volvo Drive-E

Image by nakhon100 

The range of Volvo “Drive-E” hybrid engines are sure to tempt more greener drivers to the Volvo fold. Take a look at the carscoops.com website for further details.

Image by pkhamre


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